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May 2016

EAP Services

Each State agency has a labor/management committee, which promotes the local agency/facility EAP and selects a Coordinator, who is trained by NYS EAP to identify, assess, and refer employees in need. Employees or family members experiencing problems are referred to qualified community providers. The program addresses whatever problems are affecting an employee's productivity. Individual problems can range from a need for information about child care to serious difficulties with alcohol or drugs.

EAP is most successful if employees seek assistance during the early stages of their problems. With early intervention and treatment, they can maintain productive employment and personal relationships can be salvaged. The program can provide an economic return to the employer, enhance morale, and foster good employee relations. Other employees will also benefit by being part of a safer, more productive workforce. Ultimately, EAP is a productivity program as well as an employee benefit.

The NYS-Balance Contract has Ended

The contract for the NYS-Balance resource and referral service, jointly funded by the State and the unions, ended on December 31, 2015. If you need information or assistance related to resources and referrals, please contact the NYS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 800-822-0244 or You will be connected with an EAP Coordinator who will be able to provide you with customized resources and referrals for a wide range of issues including work, family, daily life, finances, health and well-being, mental health, addiction and stress.

Expect your best year ever

Such an attitude can create momentum for a positive experience, enabling you to detach from negativity, mishaps, and little slights and snubs in conversations with family members.

This year, refuse to allow your “buttons to be pushed.” Rehearse new responses to predictable interactions you might experience from loved ones who get under your skin—and do it six or seven times, as an actor would so it sticks.

If Aunt Flo criticizes your choice of pumpkin pie filling, saying that Trader Joe’s brand is much better, instead of allowing yourself to respond on autopilot, thank her for the tip.

Bring a Book, Leave a Book Program

It’s a simple and wonderful way to exchange one or two great fictional/non fictional books or current magazines you’ve read. There’s a bookshelf located over in the basement break room at Bray Hall which will have a label saying, “Bring a book, leave a book” for anyone on campus to peruse. Current favorite magazines and books in good, readable condition only. No textbooks are permitted. It is just another way for anyone on campus who loves to read to spread the joy by bringing in a few books and seeing if there’s one or two you wish to read. Please bring in no more than three books/magazines. If you have more than that, consider recycling them through your nearest library or recycling center.


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