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February 2015

Financial Fitness

Finding Money for Your IRA
Finding money to sock away in your IRA can be a problem, but the answer, if it exists - and it almost always does - usually lies in lifestyle choices. You must save first and avoid spending all your money. You are bombarded by live-large marketing messages. Can you resist them? For example, you may need to avoid the lure of expensive autos and stop avoiding the math that proves it is more economical to make repairs on a car you own for a while. Examine your lifestyle to see where you are sabotaging right now your ability to retire in the distant future. Refresh your memory of the power of compound interest, then seek to maximize your IRA. Be diligent about retirement now, and you will not panic about it later.

Living within a Realistic Budget

Living within a budget can seem restrictive - similar to being on a diet. Learn about common money mistakes as well as practical and realistic tips for living within a budget.

Financial fitness is like physical fitness; you need to commit to regular changes in your life and focus on attainable goals. Creating a budget, eliminating credit card debt, investing wisely, and saving for the future are all elements of a financial fitness plan. Your NYS-Balance program is here with tools and resources to help you get financially fit.

This Month's NYS Balance Webinar

Financial Fitness: How to Live Lean

Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Register for the webinar on the NYS-Balance website.

  • Username: nys
  • Password: balance

Be Sure to Register in Advance.

To participate, you will need an Internet-connected PC and a phone. If the Webinar is not scheduled during your break or lunch time, you can view it later online.


  • The EAP Committee would like to welcome both Maura Stelf and Yuming Tung as new members of the team! We look forward to working with them and a productive year.



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