Graduate students

Current (Spring semester 2015) and thesis topic:

  • Misha Paltsyn (PhD) Strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of conservation programs for snow leopard and Altai argali in Altai-Sayan 
  • Stewart LePan (MS) - Wetland wildlife conservation in relation to wetland restoration
  • Sahila Kudalkar (MS) - Wildlife conservation in Nagaland
  • Mike Fishman (MS) - Indiana bat conservation
  • Angga Rachmansah (MS) - Evaluation of population harvest as a conservation strategy for freshwater turtles of tropical areas
  • Ielizaveta Iegorova (MS) - Rangeland dynamics at Kazakhstan, Russia, China and Mongolia convergence
  • Tess Youker (MS) - Ranavirus outbreaks in vernal pool restoration
  • Samantha Dean (MS) - Reptile and amphibian community assessment

Post-docs and affiliates in residence (2011):

For prospective graduate students

Former Graduate students:

  • Brent Johnson (MS) - Response of eastern massasauga rattlesnakes to habitat manipulations
  • Olga Shevtsova M.P.S. (joint course-based degree program with National University Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)
  • Darya Karpenko M.P.S.(joint course-based degree program with National University Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)
  • Ielizaveta Iegorova M.P.S. (joint course-based degree program with National University Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)
  • Nataliia Shynkarenko M.P.S.(joint course-based degree program with National University Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)
  • Anna Ganzia M.P.S. (joint course-based degree program with National University Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)
  • Ana Patricia Calderon (MS, co-advised with J. Frair) - Jaguar corridor mapping in eastern Guatemala
  • Elizabeth Hunter (MS) - Reintroduction of giant tortoises as ecological analogs (completed 5 / 12); currently: Ph.D. candidate, Univ. Georgia.
  • Angela Sirois (MS) - Bog turtle biology and conservation (completed, 5/11); Currently: Stewardship Manager, Western Massachusetts Program, The Nature Conservancy
  • Kevin Shoemaker (MS, PhD) - Landscape genetics of bog turtles (completed, 5/11); Currently: joint post-doc Applied Biomathematics / SUNY Stony Book
  • Meredith Atwood (MS) - Pool restoration and amphibian production (completed, 5/11); Currently: Ph.D. candidate, Yale University.
  • Kristin Winchell (MS) - Aquatic turtle populations along urban-rural gradients (matriculated Columbia University 5/11); Currently: PhD candidate, University Massachusetts Boston.
  • Jason Townsend (PhD) - Mercury accumulation in soils, leaf litter, invertebrates, salamanders, and thrushes (completed, 5/11); Currently: post-doc Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.
  • Andrew Myers (MPS) - Bog turtle biology and conservation (completed, 8/11)
  • Sam Quinn (MS) - Hellbender status in eastern New York (completed, 1/10); Currently: Land manager, Sunnyside Farms, n. Virginia.
  • Angelena Ross (MS) - Spruce grouse conservation (completed, 1/08); Currently: New York Department of Environmental Conservation.
  • Viorel Popescu (MS) - Amphibian populations of the Adirondack region (completed, 5/07); Currently: Post-doc (UC Berkeley)
  • Nancy Karraker (PhD) - Importance of vernal pools to amphibian production (completed, 1/07); Currently: Faculty, University of Rhode Island
  • Hara Woltz (MS, Columbia U.) - Design of road crossing structures for amphibians and reptiles (completed, 5/06); Currently: PhD candidate, Columbia University
  • Joel Strong (MS) - Tortoises as seed dispersal agents in the northern Amazon region (co-advised with J. Fragoso, completed 12/05).
  • Nuria Bernal (MPS) - Habitat fragmentation and conservation of small mammal communities (completed 8/04); Currently: Associate Researcher - Colección Boliviana de Fauna, La Paz-Bolivia
  • Heather Jensen (MS) - Blanding's turtle ecology and conservation (completed 8/04); Currently: US Army Corps of Engineers
  • James Arrigoni Jr (MS) - Monitoring approaches for forest amphibians in Belize (completed 5/03); Currently: PhD candidate SUNY-ESF
  • Shawn Carter (PhD) - Faunal diversity in relation to forest structure in Adirondack forests (completed 5/03); Currently: US National Park Service, Capitol Region
  • David Steen (MS) - Population structure of freshwater turtles in relation to road density (completed 5/03); Currently: PhD Candidate, Auburn University
  • Jordan Wolf (MS) - Forest fragmentation, burying beetles, and decomposition processes (completed 5/03); Currently: High School Science Teacher, Queens, New York
  • Ilana Cantrell (MS) - Trends in land use and open space in New York State (completed 5/02); Currently: Land Use Planner, Onondaga County, New York
  • Greg Shriver (PhD) - Conservation of salt marsh birds along the New England coast (completed 5/02); Currently: Faculty, University of Delaware
  • Eriko Motegi (MS) - Allelic diversity in sugar maple in relation to stand disturbance history (completed 5/01); Currently: Instructor Corning Community College
  • Kris Whiteleather (MS) - Acid mine drainage and salamander communities (completed 5/01)

Former post-docs: