Phytoplankton Ecology

EFB 797, Section 07, Spring 2007

Instructor: Kimberly L. Schulz

Tuesdays 12:50-1:50 PM; Illick 127

Office Hours: Mondays 8-9 AM; Thursdays 1-2 PM (456 Illick)

Contact Information: 456 Illick; 470-6808;

Course Website:

 Textbook: Reynolds, Colin. 2006. Ecology of Phytoplankton. Cambridge University Press.
535 pp.  Available at Follett’s Orange Bookstore in Marshall Square Mall

 Goals of course/overview:

In this graduate seminar we will learn about the ecology of phytoplankton, the dominant primary producers in lakes and oceans.  During most of the class we will read Colin Reynold’s new text, Ecology of Phytoplankton.  Students will lead most of these classes, which should include a review of the topic and discussion (see below for more details).  During the last few weeks of class we will talk a bit about periphyton (those poor algae stuck on surfaces J ) and about how to culture algae.  We’ll have one class that we vote on the topic/activity, and we’ll wrap up with a final discussion about all we’ve learned.

16 January
Introduction to class
23 January
Phytoplankton background  questions     handout
Chapter 1
30 January
Entrainment and distribution in the pelagic questions    handout    ppt 
Chapter 2
John Bisgrove/Paul Simonin
6 February
13 February
Photosynthesis and carbon acquisition    questions       handout
Chapter 3
Adam Effler/Jake Gillete
20 February
Nutrient uptake and assimilation     questions     handout
Chapter 4
Jacob Milea
27 February
Growth and replication   questions     handout        
Chapter 5
Margaret Pavlac/Juliette Smith
6 March
Mortality and loss
(vote on class topic for 17 April)   questions   discussion     handout
Chapter 6
Kevin Kapuncinski/Katie Woodside
13 March

20 March
Species composition and temporal change    questions    handout     PEG Summary                
Chapter 7; pp. 302-351
Stephanie Johnson/David Kalenak
27 March
Assembly processes in the plankton      handout
Chapter 7; pp. 351-386
Debra Joseph/Jen Liberatore
3 April
Aquatic ecosystems: mechanisms and management   handout         
Chapter 8
Lucas Kirby/Cheryl Whritenour
10 April
Periphyton    readings from Periphyton book handed out in class
Excerpts/ Handout
17 April
Phytoplankton Democracy
(Group vote on 6 March): Show and tell/ Field trip/ Eminent phycologists/ Your suggestion

23 April
Algal culture techniques          Phytoplankton Culture Techniques
Excerpts/ Handout Schulz
1 May
Final discussion/ Wrap up     Questions
List of questions

Student Responsibilities

Your responsibilities in this class are:


Discussion Leader Responsibilities


Some Good Phycological Resources:

The Phycological Society of America (PSA) -
The Journal of Phycology -  (published by PSA)
International Phycological Society - (publishes Phycologia)
British Phycological Society - (publishes the European
            Journal of Phycology)
International Association for Diatom Research -
Phycological Research (journal link) -
Harmful Algae (journal link) -
Harmful Algae News -
Plankton net -
NOAA harmful algae page -
Smithsonian -
Algaebase -
Compilation of culture collection webpages -

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