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This project has involved many people from Namibia, the United States and England. Here is who they are.

Eugene Marais
Rupert Soar
Wolf & Wilma van Wiellig

Wendy Park
Ben Robedee
Grace Shihepo
Angela Mudengi
Alletta Kathinde
Mendes Vinte
Sakaria Nambwele
Vincent Mughongora

Stefanie Kennedy-Roth
Jacob Harris
Kathryn Storm
Francis Brzozowski
Little G & Lukas

Dr Rupert Soar

Rupert Soar is formerly from the Faculty of the Wolfson School of Engineering at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. He is now the owner of an advanced engineering firm, freeform engineering limited..

He is lead investigator on the mound structure analysis and reconstruction aspect of this work.

His web site may be found here.


Dr Eugene Marais

Eugene Marais is Chief Curator of the National Museum of Namibia, based in Windhoek.

He has collaborated on our work on general ecology of Macrotermes, in particular studies on soil transport, feeding preferences and water balance.

He has also been instrumental in recruiting Namibian students for the training component of our project. He is also our principal liaison with the Namibian authorities,.

Dr Marais' interests range from general entomology to paleoclimatology.

His web site may be found here.


Ms Wendy Park

Wendy is my doctoral student, and has supervised our training program while pursuing her own research.

She is interested in the ecology and biology of Termitomyces, the mutualistic fungus cultivated by Macrotermes.

She advanced to candidacy in May 2007, and expects to complete her degree in 2009. TOP

Ms Grace Shihepo

Grace was our first student trainee from Namibia. She came to us with an already well-developed interest in termites, having just completed a study on ecology of a major rangeland termite pest, Hodotermes mossambicus.

Grace helped initiate our surveys of incidence of Termitomyces emergence on termite mounds, as well as geographical surveys of termite mound distribution.

She is currently working as a geological field assistant for a minerals exploration company in Windhoek.


Ms Angela Mudengi

Angela was one of three Namibian trainees on the second year of our project. She helped with mound surveys and soil analyses.

After leaviing us, she worked on a USDA-sponsored project on silkworm cultivation in southern Namibia, and as a researcher in the Caprivi region. She is currently working on an AIDS-prevention/education project in Namibia.


Ms Aletta Kathinde

Aletta also worked with us the second year of the project, while she was a student at the Polytechnic of Namibia.

She carried out our initial studies on food preferences.

She went on to complete her diploma in wildlife conservation.


Mr Mendes Vinte

Mendes was the third member of our student team the second year.

Mendes carried out work on the co-distribution of trees and termite mounds, as well as work on soil transport.

He is currently working to complete his degree in wildlife conservation from the Polytechnic of Namibia.


Mr Sakaria Nambwele

Saki was our trainee on the third year of our project. He helped with our food preference experiments.

He is currently completing his degree at the Polytechnic of Namibia and is working in the Entomology section of the National Museum.


Ms Stefanie Kennedy-Roth

Stefanie was one of four ESF undergraduates that joined our project in the Spring 2006 semester. She did an independent project on food preference and microclimate effects on associations between termite colonies and particular tree species. She also took the photograph of me on my web page.

Stefanie graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree from ESF. She is currently studying to be a physician's assistant.


Mr Jacob Harris

Jake was a senior at ESF when he joined the project in Spring 2006. His project entailed measuring the distribution of new building on the surfaces of Macrotermes mounds.

Jake intends to graduate from ESF in Spring 2007 with a Bachelor's degree. He is currently in graduate school at the University of Exeter in the UK, and is pursuing a graduate degree in wildlife biology or conservation biology.


Ms Kathryn Storm

The third of our Spring 2006 ESF undergraduates, Kathryn did a project on social calling in assemblages of frogs.

Kathryn graduated from ESF in Spring 2006 with a Bachelor's degree. In Fall 2007, she will matriculate at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.


Ms Francis Brzozowski

Fran rounded out our contingent of four ESF students who joined the project in Spring 2006. Her project involved thermal biology of the nests of the white-browed sparrow weaver.

Fran is is currently pursuing a graduate degree in bioengineering and molecular biology at Syracuse University.


Little G & Lukas

Two "local dogs made good", Little G and Lukas joined the project as camp mascots, and eventually emigrated to America. Little G (right) currently lives with Wendy and Lukas (below) lives with Stefanie.


Wolf van Wiellig & Wilma van Wiellig

Wolf and Wilma manage the Omatjenne Agricultural Research Station, our field research site located roughly 25 km west of the northern Namibian town of Otjiwarongo. This work would not have been possible had it not been for the generous logistical and material support extended to us by these fine people.

Mr Ben Robedee

Ben joined our group in Fall 2008 and is studying for his Master of Science. He has an interest in veterinary medicine and wildlife biology, but he's also thinking about a career in research.

Ben expects to complete his degree in Spring 2010. TOP

Mr Vincent Mughongora

Vincent joined the project as a field assistant in February 2009. Vincent is a recent graduate from the Universityof Namibia, where he earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

Vincent is on the staff of the National Museum of Nambia, where he recently obtained a position as Assistant Curator.