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The GLE3N Project has been funded by the SUNY Research Foundation 4E (Energy, Environment, Economics and Education) initiative. This website provides an overview of the project, identifies select case studies and lists current participants. Important milestones and recent updates are published in the News section.

Water resources affect the economy and energy sectors in New York and beyond. However, although water resources are abundant in the State, extreme weather patterns (drought, excessive wetness, storms) and increasing pressures from agriculture and urbanization can cause economic and environmental damages throughout the State. Understanding the linkages and sensitivity of the water-energy-economy nexus to extreme weather patterns and demographic changes is critical for the State to sustainably adapt to climate change and increase its resiliency to extreme events in the coming years.

Using The Lake Ontario watershed as a starting point towards a larger New York State wide effort, we will build a database linking key water, energy, and economy data to analyze how the watershed responds to extreme weather patterns and determine how the responses ripple through the water-economy-energy nexus.

Lead Institution: SUNY-ESF
Name of Lead Institution Principal Investigator: Philippe Vidon
Email Address: pgvidon@esf.edu
Phone Number: (315) 470 4765
Address: Bray 320, 1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY, 13210