e s f letters
e s f letters

University Faculty Senator

Received Nominations

Kelley Donaghy
Associate Professor — Chemistry
Kelley had done an excellent job in this role the past year and it would be great to have her continue.

Dr. Richard Beal
Assistant Dean/Adjunct Associate Professor EFB. — Outreach
Dr. Beal is Assistant Dean for the Outreach K-12 program and Adjunct Associate Professor in EFB. He brings 17 years of experience at ESF will bring new perspectives to the college faculty governance and the SUNY senate. Dr. Beal is very open minded, balanced and fair.

Sid Chatterjee
Associate Professor — PBE
Dr. Chatterjee is Associate Professor in PBE. He has 22 years of experience at ESF and will bring his historical knowledge, as well as new perspectives and fresh ideas, to the SUNY senate. Dr. Chatterjee is open minded, balanced, and fair. He will look out and advocate for the best interests of ESF faculty, students, and staff.