Must-do Items: Required Online Tasks & Paperwork
Accepted Undergraduate Students

Deadlines for all tasks:

  • Deadline: August 1 (For Fall 2014 enrollment)

Please complete all of the following done before August 1. Also, don't forget to take care of all the...

ESF Required Tasks (all online)

Deadline: August 1 (For Fall enrollment)

Log in to complete ESF Required Tasks:

  • Emergency Contact Information
    All new students must complete the Emergency Contact Information Form, which includes emergency contact and other essential information.
  • Policy Acknowledgement
    Your signature is required to verify that you have received, read and understand the ESF Student Handbook. Please note that your registration may be delayed if you do not do this portion of the web site.
  • Head-Shot Photo
    A recent photograph of you (a head and shoulders shot) is needed for your official personal file. Again, this helps us to best identify you in cases of emergency (this is separate from ID Card Photo).
  • Disabilities Identification Form (complete only if applicable)
    Contact the Office of Student Affairs directly with any questions.
  • FERPA Waiver for Billing (complete only if applicable)
    This will allow us to release billing information to whoever you deem necessary.

Syracuse University Required Tasks

Deadline: August 1 (For Fall enrollment)

REQUIRED Health and Immunization Forms

Mail/Deliver/Fax completed forms to:

Upload Your ID Card Photo

Via email and easy - - you'll need a recent HeadShot JPG photo to upload.

  • Send an email with:
    • Your Full Name
    • SUID Number
    • Attachment of JPG Head Shot of yourself

Set up your E-Mail!

Activate your SU NetID
You will need the nine-digit SUID the you received earlier. Once your NetID is active, you can log in for your ID card. SUmail is available on the web here. If you have questions about your e-mail account, contact Information Technology Services at 315-443-2677 or

You will need your SU NetID and the same password you set up for your SU NetID! Remember, your username will be your


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