e s f letters
e s f letters

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Accepted Students

Tasks Required of Accepted Students

Below is an overview of all that needs to be taken care of before you begin your studies. Read and attend to all.

Online Tasks

ESF Online Tasks via MyESF

The MyESF student portal is where students manage most important business from application to graduation. Once you establish your account, MyESF will automatically present exactly the right menu of services to match your status, whether you are a prospective, accepted, new or current student.

Details for each of the MyESF tasks below appear automatically in your MyESF account at the appropriate time.

On MyESF, accepted students must:

  • Accept financial aid award (if applicable—those not contacted online receive a financial aid award letter by mail)
  • Select housing and meal plan
  • Enter emergency contact information
  • Agree to student policies—agree to abide by policies presented in the ESF Student Handbook
  • Upload photo—supply a head-shot for your official personal file
  • Complete disabilities identification form (if applicable)
  • Complete FERPA waiver (if applicable)—complete to allow release of billing information to someone you designate
  • Pay tuition and fees—pay installments as they become due (first bill is posted approximately 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester)

Syracuse University (SU) Online Tasks

ESF shares certain services with SU.

Finalizing Admission

The following are necessary to complete the transition from applicant to accepted student:

Commitment to Enroll form

Submit yours if you haven't already.

Transcripts, Scores, Etc.

Make sure required official documents have been sent directly to ESF by appropriate agencies or institutions (documents issued to students are not considered official):

  • Final official high school transcript confirming high school graduation
  • Final official college transcripts for any college level courses taken in high school
    • Transfer Students only: Final official college transcripts from any colleges attended prior to ESF, including summer course work or any college level courses taken in high school
  • Official Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) test score (to request official test scores from the College Board, visit www.collegeboard.com or call them directly at (212) 713-8000.  

Contact the Admissions Office if you have questions or concerns:


Other Business

Health Insurance and Services

Learn about the required Student Health Form and other important details:

Computer Purchase, Email & Internet

Learn about recommended computers, email and network accounts, internet access, and more here:

Learn about online portals and accounts here:

Housing, Meal Plans, Utilities, & Banking

Off-campus residents will want to learn about housing resources, meal plan options and utilities (gas, electric, internet, telephone). All students may be interested in the banking information.

  • Housing website (on- and off-campus, with information on meal plans, banking and utilities)

Class Registration

All new freshmen and transfer students are pre-registered by their faculty advisors prior to orientation. Students receive their schedules and registration materials when they arrive on campus before the beginning of the semester. Students are expected to meet with their advisors during orientation to complete their schedules and make any adjustments. During Orientation, you will be guided through the process.

Contact the Registrar with questions, 111 Bray Hall, 315-470-6657.

Textbook Purchasing

ESF works with the Syracuse University Bookstore to offer textbooks. You can order textbooks online and have them delivered to the ESF Bookstore (Gateway Center) for pick-up. Details here: