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How to Avoid Unwanted Sexual Contact

  1. Know your values and personal limits related to consensual sex and communicate them properly.
  2. Trust your instincts about situations and people.
  3. Be clear and responsible in your communications with others.
  4. Be firm and assertive.
  5. Remember, silence is not consent. Say no loudly and repeatedly.
  6. Accept the idea that you may have to make noise, yell, physically defend yourself, or be rude to remove yourself from a possible bad situation.
  7. Alcohol and other drugs affect your judgment and control. Over 90% of sexual assault cases involve the use of alcohol on the part of both parties.
  8. Watch your beverages and other foods to insure that no tampering has occurred.
  9. Do not assume that if you are with a friend or an acquaintance, nothing bad will happen. In over 90% of cases of sexual assault, the victim knew the assailant.
  10. Devise an action plan in advance in case you are in a situation of possible sexual violence.
  11. Remove yourself from the area at the first sign that you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.