Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

Aquatic and Fisheries Science
Bachelor of Science

  • biology and diversity of aquatic animals and plants
  • application of ecological principles to understand and manage aquatic resources
  • hands-on ecosystem studies in Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Thousand Islands region, and Atlantic coast
  • marine sciences semester option

Bioprocess Engineering
Bachelor of Science

  • biologically based engineering program focused on renewable resources and sustainable practices
  • career possibilities in bioengineering, resource engineering, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and environmental engineering

Bachelor of Science

  • plant biotechnology
  • phytoremediation and bioremediation
  • alternative energy and materials
  • conservation of endangered plant species

Bachelor of Science

  • biochemistry option
  • environmental chemistry option
  • natural and synthetic polymer chemistry option

Conservation Biology
Bachelor of Science

  • application of science to conserve the earth's imperiled species and ecosystems
  • focus on biological diversity and value of nature
  • integration of biological perspectives with social, economic and legislative ones

Construction Management
Bachelor of Science

  • management of construction processes
  • sustainable construction and renewable materials focus
  • emphasis on environmental and engineering issues
  • 30 hour OSHA Certification and Level 1 Certified Professional Constructor exam

Environmental Biology
Bachelor of Science

  • flexible program in biological sciences with an orientation to natural resources and environmental concerns
  • marine biology (SEA semester) study option

Environmental Education and Interpretation
Bachelor of Science

  • patterns and relationships in the natural world
  • identification, life history, distribution, and abundance of organisms
  • interpretation and communication of ecology and science to diverse audiences

Environmental Health
Bachelor of Science

  • study of the intersection of human health and the physical environment
  • analysis, prevention and mitigation of potential environmental hazards

Environmental Resources Engineering
Bachelor of Science

  • environmental and ecological engineering
  • geographic information systems (GIS)
  • water resources engineering
  • pollution abatement and site remediation

Environmental Science
Bachelor of Science

  • environmental information and mapping
  • watershed science
  • health and the environment
  • earth and atmospheric systems science
  • environmental analysis
  • renewable energy systems

Environmental Studies
Bachelor of Science

  • environmental policy, planning and law
  • environment, communication and society
  • natural systems applications

Forest Ecosystem Science
Bachelor of Science

  • combining forestry and environmental biology

Forest Health
Bachelor of Science

  • multidisciplinary studies leading to the understanding and protection of the world's forest resources
  • identification and impact of biological agents of disease

Forest Resources Management
Bachelor of Science

  • forest management
  • forest ecology and biology
  • forest measurements
  • forest policy and administration

Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

  • community and environmental design
  • urban and regional planning
  • off-campus study program

Natural Resources Management
Bachelor of Science

  • environmental and natural resources management
  • recreation resources management
  • water resources management

Paper Engineering
Bachelor of Science

  • chemical engineering-based education applied to the pulp, paper, and related chemical industries
  • courses focus on both product and process design
  • internships and paid co-ops available

Renewable Materials Science
Bachelor of Science

  • science, engineering and technology applied to the pulp and paper industry
  • flexibility to focus on a variety of areas including management and computer systems
  • internships and paid co-ops available

Sustainable Energy Management
Bachelor of Science

  • energy resources management
  • energy markets and polices
  • energy systems and sustainability
  • renewable energy technology

Undeclared Option

  • flexible first-year option for freshmen

Wildlife Science
Bachelor of Science

  • emphasis on vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant ecology and taxonomy
  • emphasis on endangered species as well as overabundant species


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