AEC Dining, Station and User Fee Schedule

All research, educational and professional groups using the resources and/or facilities of the Adirondack Ecological Center (AEC) and Huntington Wildlife Forest (HWF) must have an approved educational or research study plan. Confirmation of your reservation is dependent on the submission of this study plan. The AEC reserves the right to request a 10% non-refundable deposit for confirmed reservations. Please visit our "Policies" page for additional guidelines related to the use of AEC/HWF.


The Rich Lake Dining Center operates daily during the summer field season (mid-May through mid-August) and by request at other times of the year (based on 15 person minimum). During the summer field season, three meals per day are served Sunday night through Friday (breakfast, make-your-own bag lunch, and dinner), with a continental breakfast and lunch served on the weekends. Please note: cancellation or group size adjustment information is required one week prior to arrival or you will be charged in full for the first meal.

Please contact the AEC at (518) 582-4551 extension 101 or for additional information.

Meal program (3 meals/day) $35/day; $210/week (more than 7 consecutive days)
Breakfast $9/person
Bag lunch $9/person
Dinner $17/person
Catered coffee break/social $5/person
Catering fee for lunch or dinner $5/person
Rich Lake outdoor event set-up w/ charcoal grills $50/event for ESF events; $100/event for non-ESF event

Housing Fees

Accommodations are available throughout the year and provide basic accommodations at minimal cost. Residents should provide: linens & blankets, pillows, toiletries and personal items. Residential cabins in the Arbutus Lake Area are capable of housing a total of 30 people on a seasonal basis or 14 individuals year-round. Bunkhouses in the Rich Lake Area provide space for 50 people. Accommodation Check In is after 3:00 PM and Check Out is by 9:00 AM
Other accommodations
are available in the Newcomb/Long Lake area.

Please contact the AEC at (518) 582-4551 extension 101 or for additional information.

All rates are per person except where noted
ESF Rate
Non-ESF Rate
Bunkhouses in Rich Lake Area - sleeps 50 $10/night; $70/week $20/night; $100/week
Cabins in Arbutus Area - sleeps 30 (seasonal) $15/night; $105/week $30/night; $150/week
Faculty Residence in Rich Lake Area - sleeps 8 $15/night; $105/week $30/night; $150/week
Arbutus Lodge - sleeps 2 (seasonal) $15/night; $105/week $30/night; $150/week

Huntington Lodge (linens, bedding and towels provided) - sleeps 10 with queen bed double occupancy or 8 with single occupancy

All rooms have a shared bath with the exception of a twin room that is also ADA compliant

Twin bed in shared room $40/night $80/night
Twin bed in private room $80/night $140/night
Queen bed single occupancy $40/night $80/night
Queen bed double occupancy $80/night $140/night
Tent Site (Sabbattis Pass, ~ 3 miles from Rte28N)
Linen fee (bedding and towels)
Propane gas grill

Meeting Space

Five meeting spaces are available for conferences, workshops and meetings; AIC Multi-purpose Room and Classroom, AEC Conference Room, Huntington Lodge Dining Room, and Huntington Lodge Trophy Room.

Please contact the AEC at (518) 582-4551 extension 101 or for additional information.

ESF Rate
Non-ESF Rate
AIC Multipurpose Room - capacity 200 No Charge $50/day
AIC Classroom - capacity 25 No Charge $50/day
Conference Room at AEC - capacity 45 No Charge $50/day
Huntington Lodge (Dining Room - capacity 12, Trophy Room - capacity 15) $50/day $150/day
Audiovisual equipment $10/day $20/day
Room set-up and breakdown $50/event $100/event

Laboratory Space

The Animal Studies Laboratory is used as a general purpose lab space. The building provides laboratory space, wet labs, freezer, refrigeration, drying ovens and a large covered area for small scale construction projects. Price includes access to Internet and to computing equipment at AEC.

Please contact Charlotte Demers ( to discuss laboratory needs.

ESF Rate
Non-ESF Rate
Animal Studies Lab or other adapted lab space No charge $15/day


Research equipment is available with an approved study plan. Contact Charlotte Demers ( to discuss availability of equipment.

ESF Rate
Non-ESF Rate
Snowmobile $10/day $20/day
ATV $10/day $20/day
Motor Boat $10/day $20/day
Vehicle $10/day $15/day
Snowshoes $5/day $5/day
Row Boat and Canoe $5/day $10/day

Technician Support

AEC staff may be available to provide technician level support for approved research projects on Huntington Wildlife Forest. This support is based on staff availability.

Please contact Charlotte Demers ( to discuss the availability of technical support.

ESF Rate
Non-ESF Rate
$50/hour $75hour

Educational Outreach and Programming

We provide on-site educational programs year-round, from day trips to multi-day residential experiences. Programming at AEC is focused at the high school and collegiate level; however we are willing to consider younger groups of advanced students. Developed programs average three hours but can be scaled up or down to accommodate individual group needs. We can build our inquiry-based hands-on programs with you to ensure they match your district curricula and state standards.

Credit bearing short-courses are also offered at the AEC. The course fees associated with these courses supercede all other fees.

Please contact Paul Hai ( to explore program opportunities and discuss details of your visit to AEC.

ESF Rate
Non-ESF Rate
Educational Programs No charge $100/hour

For additional information contact the AEC at (518) 582-4551 extension 101 or email to


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