e s f letters
e s f letters

Snapshot of Activity at the Adirondack Ecological Center, 2013

The AEC is a center of ESF research, scholarship and service based at ESF's Newcomb Campus.  This summary provides a quick look at recent activity by AEC researchers, faculty and staff, those at ESF's main campus and at other colleges and institutions.  While relying solely on numbers to evaluate success is not desirable, the snapshot provides a benchmark for future evaluation and assessment of program goals and objectives. The strength of the AEC program rests on both its staff and its many partnerships within and outside ESF.

AEC by the numbers

  • Research: 43 projects conducted at Newcomb Campus or with AEC collaboration, 2013-14
    • AEC scientists manage close to $1 million in sponsored collaborative research.  Examples:  
      • NYS Climate Change Science Clearinghouse
      • White pine economic and ecological research
      • College of Menominee Nation Sister Forests
      • Watershed liming at Honnedaga Lake
      • Beaver impacts on avian habitat
      • Recreation patterns on Adirondack Forest Preserve (TrED)
      • Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology
    • 17 ESF faculty (13%) conducted research in last two years
    • New York Natural Heritage Program partners on sponsored research with AEC
  • AEC teaching and advising: 5 AEC faculty currently teach 10 courses:
    • Forest Ecology (4 credits)
    • Tropical Ecology (3)
    • Winter Mammalian Ecology (3)
    • Adk Residential Semester (15):
      • Research Methods: Understanding the Adirondack Ecosystem
      • Environmental Ethics & Culture: Perspectives on the Adirondack Park
      • Diverse Perspectives on a Common Landscape: Experiencing the Adirondack Park
      • Sustainable Development: An Adirondack Park Case Study
      • Using Past Experience to Inform Future Management: Synthesizing Adirondack Park
    • Adirondack Narrative: Ethics at Cranberry Lake Biological Station (3)
    • Fourteen graduate advisees, 4 undergraduate research advisees and 6 interns in 2012-13
  • About 25% of ESF faculty use AEC/Newcomb facilities, as do several ESF programs:
  • AEC's Northern Forest Institute education and outreach activities included 129 year-round public programs at the Adirondack Interpretive Center and nearly 7,000 visitors welcomed to the AIC in 2011-12.  An annual Land Use and Ethics Symposium attracts several international scholars, and varied professional training opportunities
  • Early Career Development: since 2003, 11 Sage and Webb Apprentices have assisted with research and management of Newcomb Campus, providing many ESF students a first job
  • ESF students gave almost 400 service hours at the Newcomb Campus in 2012-13
  • Other AEC activities (not including service by faculty and staff):
    • BioBlitz/ATBI – an annual celebration of biodiversity on public and private lands involving 70 citizen participants, expert naturalists and scores of students
    • ARGIS website – in its 10th year, the Adirondack Park Regional GIS consortium led by ESF and funded by DEC enabled users to explore public Adirondack data via web interface
    • OBFS – AEC has a lead role in international field station development and collaboration
    • ARC – research in the Adirondack region is supported significantly by AEC and ESF
  • Non-ESF colleges and universities using AEC resources (data, facilities) in the past two years:
    • Antioch University
    • Clark University
    • Clarkson University
    • CUNY
    • Hobart and William Smith Colleges
    • Kings College
    • McGill University
    • North Carolina State University
    • Oberlin College
    • Paul Smiths College
    • Queens University
    • Rutgers University
    • SUNY Albany
    • SUNY Buffalo
    • SUNY ESF Ranger School
    • SUNY Plattsburgh
    • SUNY Potsdam
    • SUNY Stonybrook
    • Syracuse University
    • University of Georgia
    • University of Maryland
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Vermont
    • University of Western Ontario
    • Vassar College
    • Washington State University
  • Selected partner organizations with whom ESF students and faculty interact at AEC:
    • Adirondack Park Agency
    • Biodiversity Research Institute
    • Department of Environmental Conservation
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • The Nature Conservancy
    • NYS Energy Research and Development Authority
    • US Geological Survey
    • US Forest Service
    • US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Wildlife Conservation Society
    • Many others