ˇNaturalmente! Spanish and the Environment Overnight Program

¡Naturalmente! is a unique program for youth, ages 10-14, concerned with cultural and natural sustainability. The week-long program provides interested youth with the opportunity to learn Spanish while exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Adirondack Park.

ˇNaturalmente! Spanish and the Environment Overnight Program

Your children will participate in fun activities, such as playing bingo in Spanish using names of plants and animals, hiking with experienced guides, participating in games that raise awareness on current cultural diversity and environmental issues, and much more! All under the expert supervision of language and natural science instructors. We do not require a minimum level of Spanish. There will be a maximum of 14 participants (7 boys and 7 girls per dorm).

Application Deadline – June 15, 2017 with a deposit of $200 that will go towards payment.

Program Goals

Participants will:

  • Participate and be fully engaged in all language and environmental learning activities
  • Develop basic Spanish language communication skills
  • Grow a greater appreciation and empathy for cultural diversity
  • Develop a greater understanding of our environment
  • Maintain a journal to record learning experiences
  • Establish close relationships with other members of the team (children and instructors)

Program Components

The ¡Naturalmente! program has two components: Spanish lessons, and exploration of the area’s environment. A combination of both will be part of their morning as well as their afternoon routines daily as follows:

  • Spanish Sessions
    Our caring instructors will provide daily fun language and cultural learning activities and games in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. These will emphasize the use of Spanish in the context of nature and the environment. All children will be encouraged to fully participate and use Spanish only, to the best of their ability. We will learn the names of trees, plants, flowers, animals, colors, shapes, etc. Children will be able to express likes and dislikes, sing songs, describe people and animals and more!
  • Exploring the Environment
    The program takes place in the breathtaking heart of the Adirondack Park providing an opportunity not only to learn Spanish, but also to explore the surrounding nature with trained guides. We will explore local flora, fauna, and geology through hiking to a mountain summit, paddling canoes, practicing survival skills, and hands- on projects. We will also emphasize safe practices in the woods and water.

Program Information

  • August 20-25, 2017
  • Newcomb, NY
  • Youth ages 10-14


Program: $400
Room & Board: $275

Price includes three daily meals (except for arrival and departing days), all activities in the enclosed calendar, instructional materials and local transportation needs. Prices do not include trip to or from Newcomb, NY. All children must present valid health insurance.

Cancellation Fee: $200 after July 20, 2017 (deadline for cancellation)


This program is located at ESF's field campus in Newcomb, NY. Newcomb is located in the heart of the Adirondack Park, and the field campus contains 15,000 acres of beautiful lakes, streams, mountains, forest, and wetlands. Students will utilize the dorm, dining hall, and classroom infrastructure when not out exploring and learning from the magnificent outdoor landscape.



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