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Alumni Ambassador Network

Did you have a great experience at ESF and love talking about it? You would be a great asset to our Alumni Ambassador Network! We are looking for alumni who would like the opportunity to share their love and knowledge of all things ESF with potential future undergraduates and current ESF students. While alumni assistance is always welcome, we have identified two specific areas that would benefit from your involvement.


As the College’s reputation as a leading research university grows, so does the necessity to have representation at local high school fairs or college nights throughout the country. While our Admissions Officers are attending as many of these events as possible, there are many that we just do not have the staff to accommodate. That is where our alumni population can help. We are looking for those who would be able to assist us in reaching as many potential future ESF students as possible by filling the gaps that the Admissions team is unable to. As an alumni representative for the College, you would participate in a “training session” (these can be done on-campus, over the phone, or on-line) with an Admissions Officer. These sessions would provide you with current information about the College so that you are comfortable in your new role, while ensuring that the message we are sending to potential students is consistent and concise. Please understand that we do not expect you to have “all of the answers” but just providing the student with an opportunity to speak with an alum, especially one from their hometown, is a very powerful tool.

Alumni can also play an important role in a potential student’s final decision to attend ESF. Once a student has been accepted at the College, personal contact from alumni may be just what the student needs to solidify their decision to become an ESF student. A simple phone call or e-mail from someone who has already gone through the experience can make all the difference in the world!


  1. We are looking for alumni who would be willing to speak with current students, either through individual contact or as a possible panelist on campus.
  2. Alumni who are interested in participating in “networking” events to provide insights into the current work-force in a specific field. I would encourage all of you to join our two LinkedIn groups, ESF World and SUNY-ESF. A new topic of discussion will be introduced on a regular basis and we would welcome the valuable input you would be able to provide.
  3. Internship opportunities are an integral part of any education. The opportunity to experience first-hand the various components of a position in your chosen field of study is invaluable. As an alum, you are in an excellent position to offer your knowledge and guidance to those interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours.

Please note that there are many levels of commitment to providing an internship opportunity. It could be as little as a two-day experience and as involved as a summer or semester-long commitment. Participants in the program would be working closely with the Alumni Office in addition to the Office for Career Services so that we can provide both our alumni and our students with a rewarding experience.

Our alumni are one of the College’s greatest assets, and we would love to be able to give you the opportunity to share that experience with future generations of ESF students. If you are interested, please complete the Volunteer Form and mail it to the ESF Alumni Association, 219 Bray Hall, Syracuse, NY 13210.

Class Leaders

The Alumni Office is always looking to increase attendance at our events. The best way for us to do this is to get alumni involved in the planning of these events. If you are interested in becoming a contact person for your class, please notify the alumni office. The one comment that I usually hear at class reunions is "I had a great time, but I wish more people from my class would have been here." We attempt to do as much as possible to notify alumni of events that are on campus, or in their own area. However, nothing can replace the letter or phone call from a classmate that urges them to attend. I know most of you have busy schedules, but being a class leader is not a large time commitment. All we ask is that if you are planning to attend an event, contact friends and classmates and encourage their participation.

ESF Alumni Association Board of Directors

The ESF Alumni Board represents the interest of all alumni in matters that pertain to the Association as well as the College. The Board needs volunteers from a range of classes in order to best represent the interests of the alumni population. The position is held for two years. In order to serve on the Alumni Board, you must be a member in good standing: either a life member or a current dues payer. If you are interested in running for election to the Board, please contact the alumni office at The next election will be held in the Summer of 2016.

  • Preston Gilbert '73, President
  • Thayer Miller '71, 1st Vice President
  • Gary Lipp'86, 2nd Vice President
  • John Bartow '82, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Stuart Hosler '52
  • Harold Schumm '53
  • George Treier '58
  • Arnold Lanckton '61
  • Erna Baumann '68
  • David Tessier '68 (Past President)
  • Terry Bluhm '70
  • Walter Neuhauser '71
  • Robert Geraci '73
  • Norman Roth '74


  • Christopher Sandstrom '75
  • Ellen Warner '78
  • Peg Coleman '79
  • Gail Romano '80
  • Mary Clements '82
  • Kenneth Hart '82
  • Thomas Powers '82
  • Robert Schug '85
  • Wendi M. Richards '86
  • Sandra Bonanno '89/'92
  • Kelly Reinhardt '95
  • Michael Dugan '00
  • Frank Moses '01
  • Laura Nelson '04
  • Laura Crandall '05
  • Thomas Hughes '06
  • Carriann Quick '09
  • Annalena Davis '10


  • Dr. Quentin Wheeler, College President
  • Brenda Greenfield, Director of Development
  • Noah Herne (RS '96) President, Ranger School Alumni Association
  • P.J. Connell, President, Undergraduate Student Association


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