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ESF Cross Country

Men are 2013 USCAA National Champs, Women 2nd!

2012 national champion team

The 2012 ESF Mighty Oaks men's cross-country team won the USCAA national championship in Lake Placid, while the women took 3rd. Read all about it!

Past Seasons

photo siteTake a look at this terrific collection of ESF cross country images, taken by XC parent, Dr. Randy Yerrick

Cross Country Team Pages

The ESF cross-country team has established a record of success in just three years.

In 2011, the men's team won the USCAA national championship and the women's s team finished second. In 2010, the first year of official varsity competition, the women finished second in the national championship and the men were fifth.

mighty oaks

Cross-country was established at ESF in 2009..

A Look Back