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ESF Policies & Procedures Related to Sustainability


NOTE: The College may amend any existing policies or procedures contained on the web site without notice to users, as well as to adopt new policies and/or procedures at any time without notice to users. It is the user's responsibility to check with relevant offices to determine whether changes, additions or substitutions, have been made regarding the policies, procedures and related forms contained on this web site.

Policies & Procedures # Date Issued
Policy for Parking and Environmentally Friendly TransportationPDF, Word 28 2/11/11; updated 9/23/11
Sustainable Materials and Supplies Purchasing PolicyPDF, Word 27 2/11/11
Space Churn Renovation Plan and PolicyPDF, Word 26 11/01/10
Reduced Mercury Light Bulb Purchasing PolicyPDF, Word 25 11/01/10
Low-Impact Site and Green Building Exterior Management PlanPDF, Word 24 11/01/10
Erosion & Sedimentation PolicyPDF, Word 23 11/01/10
College Sustainable Cleaning Products Purchasing PolicyPDF, Word 22 11/01/10
College Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling PolicyPDF, Word 21 11/01/10