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Forest Biorefinery conference at the Holiday Inn Syracuse/Liverpool promises to a timely event about sustainability!

Who will attend? We expect a variety of key people to include: Ethanol producers, State and federal policy and decision-makers, forest owners, biomass producers, farmers, food processors, renewable, energy producers and consumers, loggers, wood harvesters, wood or agricultural scientists, economists and investors.

aerial image of biorefineryThe conference program will focus on strategies to implement existing technology and know-how and the program will provide professionals with an opportunity to network and discuss the latest technologies and best practices in the field. We can start production right here in New York State.

Come join us to learn more about how this team has applied the "Biorefinery in New York" technology to effectively reverse job loss and economic decline in Upstate New York’s farm and forest communities. See how a wood based Biorefinery in New York would create more economic vitality for the forest products industry from new value-added products and processes, as well as enhance existing manufacturing processes.

Highlights of the conference will include:

  • Distinct technical, economic, and environmental advantages of woody biomass resources over agricultural sources
  • Opportunities for full-time, high-paid, skilled workers
  • Advancement opportunities for biofuels and sustainable industrial chemicals industries
  • New competitive-edge business and manufacturing facility opportunities
  • Promotion of business revitalization, upgrades to existing industry infrastructure, and brownfields redevelopment
  • Revitalization of rural economies by diversifying farm crops, creating alternative sources of income for landowners, and circulating energy dollars throughout the local economy
  • How to motivate landowners who have been watching the development of short-rotation energy crops from the sidelines, to become actively involved in growing biomass crops on marginal farmland


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