What is your role in Career Services?

Career Services Information for Faculty & Staff

Connect and Support!

  • Constructive criticism! We all can learn from each other.
  • Offer an open door policy; make sure students are aware that you want to be involved in their college careers and beyond.
  • Never let a student think that they have to do it all on their own, we are here to help!
  • Navigate a problem together, the more you work with students, the more they will learn and develop confidence to do it themselves.
  • Encourage your students to ask questions and provide positive feedback
  • Communicate the necessity of strong speaking and writing skills for the future.
  • Talk to your students; are they on track? Do they need help and if so, do they know where to get it?

Students in many fields are encouraged to gather letters of recommendation from faculty members and on-campus supervisors. You may find it helpful to meet with the student prior to writing a letter, and it is also useful to request a copy of the student’s resume. Be specific with the student about the timeline you need to write a letter.

How to continue your support:

  • Suggest resources for your students to pursue in looking for a job or internship.
  • Utilize the resources you have: connections with professional colleagues and ESF staff members.
  • Provide ideas for the student relative to career goals.
  • Plant the seed; anything is possible!
  • Openly interject job information when possible in class and field trips.
  • Remember, a little help goes a long way.
  • Think about doing workshops during class or take one day a month to talk about job possibilities and where students can apply your curriculum to an everyday job.


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