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Now that your student is in college, what happens while they are here? We understand that this is a hard time, an adjustment period and a time when you are not right by their side to help. Here are some things to keep in mind while encouraging your student throughout their college career.
  • Educate yourself on your student's program/degree so you know best how to support them.
  • Never let your student feel defeated, there is a job/internship out there for everyone!
  • Cooperate with your student and listen to their needs!
  • Online resources are great; don't be afraid to email your student a few links!
  • Utilize your schedule to help them; believe it or not, they want your help!
  • Rest, although we encourage you to help, they need to do some hard work themselves!
  • Ask your student if they have joined organizations, volunteered and are involved!
  • Generate communication with your student
  • Extend contact information you have with people in careers in which your student is interested.

Today's Job Forecast

What fields are hot and which are not?  How long are currently “hot” fields going to stay that way?  Take a look at these links to determine short-term and long-term prospects!

Job Research

Want to do some homework on employers, salaries and locations? Start here!

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Salary Research

What is your degree worth? Each company relies on experience, knowledge, internships/volunteer work, and your overall understanding of the mission of the company and how well you will fit into their community. Below you will find links to websites that will ask questions pertaining to your experience, preferred location, and degree of education.


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