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Changing Your Major

Once you have sorted through your individual interests and strengths, and reviewed your options, you may be ready to make a change to your major at ESF.

Student Directions

  1. It is the student's responsibility to oversee the gathering of each of the identified signatures. 
  2. This form is left with the Admissions Office, which will create a new plan sheet and apply any transfer credits to the new program. This process will take between five and ten business days, at which time your change of major will be complete!
  3. Students may elect to meet with the Career Services Office (110 Bray Hall) at any time to further discuss career options and planning regarding their new major. Students, please consider the below identified deadlines in your planning.
  4. Students may elect to meet with the Admissions Office (218 Gateway Center) at any time to discuss transfer credit implications for their new major. Students, please consider the below identified deadlines in your planning. 


To successfully change your major in time to register for classes in your new program, you must have this form completed and to the Admissions Office no later than the date which corresponds to the "Last Day to Drop a Class," identified on the academic calendar.

If you miss this deadline, your change of major will be processed as soon as possible, however there are no guarantees that it will be complete in time for you to receive advising and to register under your new major.

Change of Major Policies and Curriculum Coordinators

Curriculum Coordinators: Your new curriculum coordinator can be identified from the list below. Please note any additional items that you are to bring with you to your meeting.

Program of Study

Department Chair

Curriculum Coordinator

Items for Meeting

Chemistry Dr. Ivan Gitsov
217 then 117 Jahn Lab
Dr. Mark Teece
415 Jahn Lab
-This Form
Environmental Forest Biology (EFB) Dr. Donald Leopold (All EFB)
333 Illick Hall
Dr. Gregory McGee
146 Illick Hall
-This Form
EFB-Aquatics & Fisheries Science   Dr. Donald Stewart
103 Illick Hall
-This Form
EFB-Biotechnology   Dr. William Powell
319 Illick Hall
-This Form
EFB-Conservation Biology   Dr. James Gibbs
405 Illick Hall
-This Form
EFB-Environmental Biology   Dr. Gregory McGee
146 Illick Hall
-This Form
EFB-Forest Health   Dr. John Castello
332 Illick Hall
-This Form
EFB-Environmental Education   Dr. Elizabeth Folta
356 Illick Hall
-This Form
EFB-Wildlife Science   Dr. Jacqui Frair
406 Illick Hall
-This Form
Environmental Resources Engineering Dr. Theodore Endreny
402 Baker
Dr. Steve Shaw
418 Baker
-This Form
Environmental Science Dr. Russ Briggs
358 Illick Hall
Ann Moore
134 Baker Lab
-This Form
Environmental Science-Env. Health   Dr. Lee Newman
248 Illick Hall
-This Form
Environmental Studies Dr. Benette Whitmore
106 Marshall Hall
Dr. Andrea Parker
108 A Marshall Hall
-This Form
Forest Resources Mgmt
Natural Resources Mgmt
Forest Ecosystem Science
Dr. David Newman
320 Bray Hall
Dr. Eddie Bevilacqua
301 Bray Hall
-This Form
FNRM- Construction Management   Dr. Paul Crovella
219 Baker Lab
-This Form
FNRM- Forest Resources Mgt. & Forest ECO Science   Dr. Rene Germain
316 Bray Hall
-This Form
FNRM- Sustainable Energy Mgt   Dr. Bob Malmsheimer
305 Bray Hall
-This Form
FNRM- Natural Resources Mgt.   Dr. John Wagner
304 Bray Hall
-This Form
Forest Technology/Land Surveying Tech.
Env. & Natural Resources Conservation
Dr. Michael Bridgen
Box 48
Wanakena, NY 13695
(315) 848-2566
Landscape Architecture Prof. Douglas Johnston
331 Marshall Hall
Prof. Doug Johnston
331 Marshall Hall
-This Form
-Current Curriculum Plan Sheet
-Current Grades
-Why you hope to join LA
Paper and Bioprocess Engineering & Paper Science Dr. Gary Scott
319 Walters Hall
Dr. Robert Meyer
222 Baker Lab
-This Form
Undeclared Option Prof. Scott Shannon
227 Bray Hall

Important Considerations

A student may change their major at any time, however it is important to note that in order to ensure that the advising and registration process can occur under the new major, the student must adhere to the deadline date which corresponds with the "Last Day to Drop a Class," identified on the academic calendar (

If this deadline is not met, change of major requests will be processed as quickly as possible, but may not occur in time for the student to seek advising and register under their new major. 

New incoming students wishing to change their major should contact the Admissions Office until the date identified as the "Last Day to Add a Class" on the academic calendar (

After this date, all change of major requests should use this form. Students, after completing the top section of this form please print this document. You will only need to bring the first page with you for the identified representatives to sign, the other pages are for your reference. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Office of Career Services: 

Career Services Office
Office of Student Affairs 
110 Bray Hall