FCH495: Introduction to Professional Chemistry

Outline and Links (Fall 2015)



Dr. Greg Boyer and Dr. Neal Abrams


 "Gregory L. Boyer" <glboyer@esf.edu>;   "Neal Abrams"  <nmabrams@esf.edu>




11:00-11:55 Tues. / Thurs.


122 Jahn or Moon Conference Room


Combination of attendance, research proposal and other assignments. 

Textbook: "The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook",  Kirszner and Mandell, 5th edition







Week of August 25

(Rm 122 Jahn )

Introduction to the class, 

Reading the literature critically


How to read a scientific paper

Writing an Abstract

Writing a paragraph

Writing an abstract

(Sample paper to abstract)

Week of September 1st

(Rm 122 Jahn)

Introduction to Research

Chem. Faculty Research areas

Discussion of your abstracts

Abstract Due Monday September 2nd by 5:00 pm


Week of September 8th

(Rm 122 Jahn)

Abstracts and Research Topics

Writing a Research Proposal and preproposal

Pick up your list of Senior research topics

sample preproposal


Interview 2-3 Faculty

Week of September 15th (Moon)

Library Research:

Meet with Ruth Owens in Moon Library for ESF200


Week of September 22nd (Moon)

Library Research:


Choice of topic due Wednesday, Oct 1st*

Week of September 29th (Moon)

Library Research.



Week of October 6th  (Moon)

Library Research:

Preproposal due October 10th*

Week of October 13th (Moon)


Library Research:



Library search due October 17th**

Week of October 20th  

(Jahn) (tentative)

Graduate School: How do you find out where to go? Application process and viewpoint of the Faculty 

How to write the personal statement 

Letters of recommendation

Should you go?


Writing Letters of Recommendation





Week of October 27th (Jahn)

Importance of your personnel statement

 Letter of Recommendation and resume due Friday, October 31st*

Week of November 3rd (Jahn)

Life other than graduate school: real jobs, :  How do you interview? Writing your resume.  people skills.



Week of November 10th (Jahn)

The interview process: selling yourself Oral Communication Skills:



Proposal Checklist

Interview Questions provided separately

Research Proposals Due* 

(Friday November 18th by 5pm)


Week of November 17th (Jahn)

Ethics, Scientific Iintegrety and plagierism

ACS Ethical Guidlelines to Publication

SUNY-ESF Academic Integrity



Week of November 25th (Jahn)

Thanksgiving Recess


Proposal Checklist



Week of December 1st (Jahn)

Overview of the different senior research projects

Tips for Better PowerPoint presentations

oral presentations 

Any Proposal Revisions must be completed by* 

(Friday December 6th)

Note to reviewers: The forms for proposal review are available here: < Proposal review form (pdf) > <Proposal review form (word doc) >

* Submit electronically to glboyer@esf.edu.
**Additional  requirements and a different due date may apply for your library search, see Jim Williamson for details.

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