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e s f letters


John A. Meyer Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate award

  • Established in 1980, this award was made possible by gifts from Marion Meyer and Professor John A. Meyer '58, a recognized authority in nuclear chemistry whose research interests at the College focused upon wood polymers and the chemical modification of wood, radiation chemistry and neutron activation analysis.
Student Name Year of Award
Christopher Chambers 2017
Jason Pauldine 2016
John Ganley 2015
Eoghan L. Connors 2014
Eric T. Stevens 2014
John Richardson 2013
John Richardson 2012
Joshua McEnaney 2011
Shannon Carpenter 2010
Mandy Freeman 2009
Jingnan Lu 2008
Matthew Martino 2008
Alexander Mueller 2007
Matthew Martino 2007
Jaclyn Mueller 2006
Jennifer Liberatore 2005
Atahualpa Pinto 2005