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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

We offer an undergraduate Program in "Biochemistry and Natural Products Chemistry", and graduate programs in both "Biochemistry" and "Organic Chemistry of Natural Products"

Undergraduate Program

Students in the undergraduate program in the Biochemistry and Natural Products option take all the core chemistry courses as outlined on the chemistry curriculum.

In the senior year, students take the following courses related to Biochemistry.

  • Biochemistry I
  • Bochemistry II
  • Biochemical Techniques
  • Additional courses in carbohydrate chemistry or natural products chemistry are highly recommended.

The senior year culminates in a senior research project undertaken under the supervision of one of the chemistry faculty. Their research interests range from laboratory to field-intensive studies.

Any questions, send us an email
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Graduate Program

Incoming graduate students in the "Biochemistry" program are required to take two introductory lecture courses and one laboratory course in Biochemical Techniques.

  • FCH530 Biochemistry I
  • FCH532 Biochemistry II
  • FCH531 Biochemical Techniques

Advanced courses are also required in advanced molecular biology, natural products chemistry, cellular physiology and organic chemistry.

Incoming graduate students in the "Organic Chemistry of Natural Products" programs are required to take course work in advanced organic mechanisms, synthetic organic chemistry as well as biochemistry and natural products chemistry.

Students in both programs are also encouraged to take related graduate and upper-division undergraduate courses in environmental chemistry and polymer chemistry, as well as other course offered in other departments at ESF and at Syracuse University.

Research is at the core of any Ph.D. program and our current students work on a wide range of topics.

  • Prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to contact any professor whose research is of interest!
  • If you would like more information please fill out this request form.

Any questions, send us an email
or phone (315) 470-6855

Financial Support

Selected applicants to the graduate program will be offered a full tuition waiver and a 12 month stipend that will cover their living expenses, and the costs of books and fees. Students are supported primarily as research assistants rather than teaching assistants, and as a result they have more time to devote to their research.

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