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Theodore S. Dibble
tsdibble @esf.edu
Outside of work, Ted enjoys Tae Kwon Do, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Yuge Jiao
jiaoyuge0423 @gmail.com
Yuge Jiao is a Ph.D. student who joined the group in August 2011. His work is to apply computational chemistry method to study atmospheric chemistry. He is interested in theoretical chemistry and physics. Outside of the lab, he is a BIG basketball fan and he also likes other sports

Former Group Members:

Dr. Jiajue Chai, Ph.D. 2014. As of March, 2014, he will be a postdoc with C. Franklin Goldsmith at Brown University.
Dr. Pawel Cias, postdoc 2004-06. Now at the University of Innsbruck.
Dr. Wei Deng - Ph.D. 2002. After working with Honeywell Specialty Materials and several promotions, he is currently studying for an MBA at Rice University (on a full tuition scholarship).
Dr. Hongyi Hu, Ph.D. 2013, Currently working with Dr. Peter Pulay.
Yuan Sha, M.S. 2013. Yuan is now a technology manager with the Shanghai Auto Industry Corporation.
Karen L. Schmitt, M.S. 2010. With Galson Laboratories
Liat Shemesh, M.S. 1999. With Cerel Technologies.
Dr. Chuji Wang, postdoc 1998-2000. Associate Professor of Physics at Mississippi State University
Yue Zeng, M.S. 2012. Currently working at the Energy Biosciences Institute.
Dr. Feng Zhang, postdoc 2010-2011. Now an Associate Professor at USTC with Dr. Fei Qi.
Dr. Lei Zhang, Ph.D. 2005. Now at Covance, Inc.

Former Undergraduate members

Matthew J. Zelie, B.S. 2013 (Paper & Biocprocess Eng.). Now an MPS student.
William F. Thornton, B.S. 2012.
Jessie Wang, B.S. 2009.
David-Anthony Murray, B.S. (Env. Sci.) 2009. Currently at SUNY-Albany.
Nathan Phillips, B.S. 2009.
Patrick Leonard, B.S. 2008. Currently studying for a Ph.D. at CUNY.
Joshua Kaplan, B.S. 2008. Working on computer control of chemical processes
Kenson Jeffrey, B.S. 2008. Currently an attorney in NYC.
Alyson Lanciki, B.S., 2006. Ph.D. North Dakota State University. Currently a postdoc at Université Joseph Fourier.
Melissa Turner, B.S. 2005.
Katherine Kitney, B.S. 2003. Ph.D. from the University of Colorado-Boulder.
David R. Katz, B.S. 2002. M.S. from University of Rhode Island School of Oceanography.
Melissa A. Ferenac, B.S. 2001. M.S. 2006 from ESF with Dr. David Kieber.
Andrew J. Davis, B.S. 2001.
Andrew S. Holloway, B.S. 2000. Currently working in the biotech industry.
Gregory F. Gawinski
Michael D. Lilien, B. S. 2003.

Research Experience for Undergraduate Students

Jennifer Dabrowski 2005 (Le Moyne College, currently at Boston College)
Trang Pham 2004 (Emory University, M.S. Public Health, Columbia University). Currently at the George Washington University Biostatistics Center.
Dean Derbyshire 2003 (Le Moyne College. currently studying Optometry)
Karen Callahan 2003 (BS at Ohio State, PhD at UC-Irvine, currently at Chicago)

Department of Chemistry
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 470-6596 (Dr. Dibble)
(315) 470-4780 (Lab)
(315) 470-6856 (fax)
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