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B.S. in Environmental Chemistry

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduates in the Environmental Chemistry option take advanced lecture courses in the following areas:

  • FCH 510 Environmental Chemistry I -Aquatic Chemistry
  • FCH 511 Environmental Chemistry II - Atmospheric Chemistry
  • FCH 515 Methods of Environmental Chemical Analysis

Some appropriate chemistry electives are:

  • Biochemistry I (FCH 530) is an appropriate elective for students interested in biotechnology.
  • Biochemistry II (FCH 532): another good choice for premedical students,
  • Advanced courses in mathematics, statistics.

Research opportunities in Environmental Chemistry through the FCH495/498 sequence are strongly encouraged. The program offers an excellent background both for direct entry into industrial chemistry and graduate study in areas such as chemistry, biotechnology, material science.

The senior year culminates in a senior research project undertaken under the supervision of one of the chemistry faculty. Their research interests range from laboratory to field-intensive studies.

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