e s f letters
e s f letters

Research B.S. in Environmental Chemistry

Individual faculty explore a wide range of research in the Environmental Chemistry program.

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Current Research Interests

  • harmful algal blooms (Boyer)
  • microbial uptake of heavy metals (Boyer)
  • photochemistry in lakes and streams (Hassett) and marine waters (Kieber)
  • new techniques for field and laboratory analysis of molecules, radicals, and particles in water, air, and soil (Dibble , Hassett, Kieber, Teece)
  • insect pheremones (Webster)
  • fate of Persistant Organic Pollutants like PCBs, dioxins, and mirex (Hassett)
  • destruction of pollutants with non-thermal plasmas (Dibble)
  • mechanisms of formation of organic aerosol (Dibble)
  • kinetics and mechanisms of smog chemistry (Dibble)
  • global carbon and sulfur cycles (Kieber)
  • coral reef ecosystems (Teece)
  • marine and lake food webs (Teece)
  • biological chemistry (Teece)

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