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Carbohydrate and Polyscaccharide Chemistry

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Source Description
Carbohydrate Nomenclature The complete IUPAC rules of carbohydrate nomenclature.
Nomeclature for Polysaccharide Conformation IUPAC 1981 recommendation.
Nomeclature of glyproteins, glycopeptides and peptidoglycans IUPAC 1985 recommendation.
IUPAC Nomenclature Home Page This is the place to start for all IUPAC conventions and reccommendations.

Carbohydrate Databases

Source Description
Methods in Carbohydrate Chemistry/Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry A keyword search tool for these series created by R. Stenutz, then at Stockhold U., Sweden.

Carbohydrate Analysis

Source Description
Quantitive Monosaccharide Analysis A review of methods prepared for the Association of Biomolecular Research Facilities, 4/97
Structural Determination of Polysaccharides A nice set of procedures for determining the composition of a carbohydrate molecule. Methods due to Professor Per-Erik Janssen, now at the Karolinska Institute, Sweeden and prepared in HTML by Dr. Roland Stenutz.

Carbohydrate Suppliers

Source Description
Glyko Tools for compositional analysis of carbohydrates.
Glycorex Glycorex manufactures and sells research quantities and large scale quantities of bioactove carbohydrates, neoglucoconjugates, reagents and affinity materials for research and commercial applications within the Glycobiology field.
Pfanstiehl Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1919 to provide a Unities States supply of rare sugars and biochemicals, see their catalog, products, etc. here.
Structural Determination of Polysaccharides A nice set of procedures for determining the composition of a carbohydrate molecule. Methods due to Professor Per-Erik Janssen, now at the Karolinska Institute, Sweeden and prepared in HTML by Dr. Roland Stenutz.

People in Carbohydrate Chemistry

Source Description
Emil Fischer, 1852-1919
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1902
The first name in sugar chemistry.
Walter N. Haworth, 1883-1950
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1937
Award Presentation.
Luis F. Leloir, 1906-1987
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1970
Award Presentation.


Source Description
SUGABASE NMR tool for making assignments in carbohydrates developed by A. van Kuik, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Methods for Structure Determination A collection of methods for identification of sugars, methylations, Smith degredation of specific sugars, protein content, etc. From the Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Stockhom, Sweden - Mirrored at SUNY-ESF for internal use with permission of Dr. Stenutz.
Application Notes for Multi Angle Light Scattering General application notes and several applications describing work on specific polysaccharides - alginic acid, hyaluronic acid, cellulose, starches, heparins, etc.

Institues and Societies

Source Description
Cellulose Research Institute at SUNY-ESF The Cellulose Research Institute and Council on Biotechnology in Forestry located at SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY is the home of the Cellulose Conferences and provide a wide range of contract services in the study of polysaccharides.
Society for Glycobiology The Society for Glycobiology is a non-profit professional organization promoting the science of Glycobiology. The official journal of the society is "Glycobiology" and the society organizes an annual conference.
Bio-organic Chemistry, U. Utrecht This department of the Bijvoet Center is the home of carbohydrate research in that institute. The institute is under the direction of prof. Dr. J.F.G. Vliegenthart.
CERMAV CNRS Laboratory located in Grenoble, France emphasizing polysaccharide research.
Complex Carbohydrate Research Center The largest center in the US devoted to polysaccharide research, home of CARBBANK. University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
Whistler Center The Whistler Center at Purdue University, W. Lafayett, IN, USA focuses on carbohydrates in food.

Meetings and Journals

Source Description
Carbohydrate Research Online Abstracts This service allows access to online tables of contents, indexes and abstracts approximatly two weeks prior to publications. (not yet available here)
Cellulose A quarterly internation journal devoted to the dissemination of the research and scientific progress in the field of cellulose.
Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry An international, primarily research journal devoted to the application of chemistry in developing more efficient, economical and safe production of foods and agricultural products.
Journal of Organic Chemistry The Jornal of Organic Chemistry, a biweekly publication, features fill articles, notes and rapid communications reporting novel, important findings across the breadth of organic chemistry, including total synthesis, synthetic methodology, natural product isolation, mechanistic study, bioorganic chemistry, spectroscopy and theoretical organic chemistry.
Tetrahedron The Tetrahedron Information System (TIS) provides a focal point for chemists wanting immediate access to research published in Tetrahedron, Tetrahedron Asymmetry, Tetrahedron Letters, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry and Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters.