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NMR General Links and Information

Chemistry Links

Other NMR Servers

Source Description
NMR Knowledge Base The "Ultimate NMR Server" a site in Germany with a search engine for NMR links, browsable links, a library of NMR related documents in PDF format, abstracts of current NMR papers, classified ads related to NMR, discussion forums, links to NMR conferences.

NMR Tutorials

Source Description
Introduction to NMR Theory and Applications Dr. Hornak, Rochester Institute of Technology, has provided a nice online introductory textbook on NMR theory and applications.
SUGABASE Provides a WWW forms based method for obtaining 13C or 1H chemical shifts for carbohydrate fragments or, alternatively, searching for candidate structures based upon a set of chemical shifts supplied by the user. Maintained by Albert van Kuik of the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

NMR Related Supplies

Source Description
WILMAD Wilmad is a major source for tubes, rotors, tube cleaning units, and other NMR expendables.
Bruker - NMR - USA Homepage for Bruker Analytical Instruments - USA NMR.
JEOL-USA JEOL has links to their NMR, MS and electron microscope products.
Varian NMR Homepage for Vairan's NMR Instrument Group.