e s f letters
e s f letters

Science Software Sources

Chemistry Links

Electrons, Neutrons and X-rays: The emphasis here is on polymers, proteins and other complex systems.

Freeware Links

Source Description
Netlib The Netlib repository contains freely available software, documents, and databases of interests to the numerical, scientific computing, and other communities. The repository is maintained by AT&T Bell Laboratories, the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and by colleagues world-wide. The collection is replicated at several sites around the world, automatically syncronized, to provide reliable and network efficient service to the global community. Source code is provided.
Free Fortran Routines Links to other sites with free Fortran routines.

Shareware and Commercial Software

Source Description
Fortran 90 (Lahey) Lahey's Fortran 90 and links to software using this compiler (stats., least squares, etc.).
CNET CNET.com, source for freeware, demos, shareware, and commercial software. Searchable entries have a short description.