Fall 2012


Email: ctnomura@esf.edu


Room and Time:  FCH530 will meet from 8:25-9:20 AM, MWF in room 148 Baker.

General course outline: 

The first half of the course will be examining amino acids, protein structure and enzyme kinetics.  The second half of the course will be an introduction to metabolism.

Textbook:       We will be using the textbook Biochemistry by Voet & Voet (4th Edition, 2011) as our text for both semesters.  This is a new textbook and is required for the class!! I do expect that you will read the assigned chapters.  WWBH refers to a supplemental book entitled “Biochemistry, A Problems Approach”.  It is very useful to work the problems.  Some of these may be assigned as homework problems but if they are not, I do not collect or grade the supplemental problems.  This book will be on reserve in Moon Library

This website is meant for you to download materials for the class. 

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Assignments and Handouts

Lecture 1

Homework 1