Spring 2012


Email: ctnomura@esf.edu


Room and Time:  FCH532 will meet from 10:35-11:30 AM, MWF in room 111 Marshall.

General course outline:  The first half of the course will be examining molecular biology, DNA replication, transcription anad translation.  The second half of the course will be amino acid and nucleotide metabolism metabolism.

Textbook:       We will again be using the textbook by Voet & Voet (3rd Edition, 2004) as our text for both semesters.  This is a required text! This book has been used in two volumes in previous years so if you buy a used copy, make certain to get volumes 1 and 2.   I do expect that you will read the assigned chapters. 

Homework assignments will not be collected but are important for the class. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do these assignments.

Office Hours:  Office hours will be on Wed., immediately after class 11:35AM – 12:35PM or by appointment.

No late assignments or exams will be accepted!!!!!

The only exceptions will have to be approved by the administration (from Bray Hall).

This website is meant for you to download materials for the class. 

Click here for Syllabus