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Mark collecting zooplankton in December
Mark looking for coral heads
The joys of field collection and scientific research! We spend a lot of time collecting samples from many different places.
"The big push" - collecting sediment cores with Hank Mullins (right)

Pete collecting copepods from Green Lakes in winter

Lindsay deploying a sediemnt trap in Green Lakes

Collecting zebra mussels in the St. Lawrence River
Large mouth bass from the St. Lawrence River. Tissue from LMB is used as our BAM LMB stable isotope standard and is named after Brent Murry
Pete filtering seston at Green Lakes, NY
Cindi releases loggerhead turtle hatchlings into the Atlantic
Bill Kappell of USGS expounding the joys of geology
Setting cannon nets for Red Knots on the Delaware shores
Mark (center) collecting sediment cores from Cayuga Lake, NY
The cayuga Lake core site
John Farrel diving in the St. Lawrence River
Preparing to dive
Sampling crops for the stable isotope course
Making liquid nitrogen
ice cream for future biogeochemists at the
New York State Fair

Scientific diving techniques





Moving equipment using lift bags





Sampling benthic flux chambers

Monitoring oxygen levels in benthic flux chambers


Sampling freshwater sponges in Green Lakes, Fayetteville, NY


Working in warmer climates