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Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) for Science

ROVs are often used for scientific purposes however they are expensive to maintain and operate.

So.... Mark Teece built his own submersible. The ROV is named Niniane and carries a payload of a color video camera for real time imaging of underwater environments. Details of the construction and ongoing improvements and work being done with ROV Niniane continues here. Some links to other ROV makers and sites are available here, and you can find details of her construction in

Teece, M. A. (2009) An inexpensive remotely operated vehicle for underwater studies. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 7, 206-215.

ROV Niniane was launched in May 2007 in the St. Lawrence River watch movie on YouTube

Smaller but better resolution Quicktime movie follow this link
Traditonal naming of a vessel before her first voyage and launching.

"Bless all who sail in, and with, her"

Gobies are everywhere!!
Underwater movies

St. Lawrence River - great footage of zebra mussels watch movie on YouTube

also featured on Oregon PBS series and a segment on invasive species on Animal Planet.

The Underwater World of Green Lakes - an incredible meromictic lake in central New York
watch video on YouTube

Underwater images

ROV Niniane is used to map and identify underwater habitats and several images from our missions are here