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Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) for Science

ROV Niniane underwent several improvements during 2007/8. A compass was added, and a new payload sled was designed and attached and a YSI probe deployed.

The YSI probe measures a wide range of parameters includiing temperature, conductivity, depth, chlorophyll, and pH.

Links to sites of interest to ROV makers are here

The YSI probe is linked to a handheld recorder
A compass was added to show direction and the field of view was measured using a 10 cm x 10 cm calibrated square
This is the on-board camera view of the field of view test showing the compass in the lower left corner
Underwater scenes in Green Lake from video feed
The latest variation includes a compass, water sampling tube, multiparameter probe, and on-board video camera. The water sampling tube is protected by aluminium mesh to prevent the accidental collection of large particles. Additional flotation on the tether and also the main frame were needed due to the addition of the payload.
Adjustments are continuous and necessary
Preparing to deploy in Green Lake with YSI probe