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Trip Report: Florida Keys and Biscayne National Park 2007

Coral Feeding Ecology

In June 2007, Mark and Jacob travelled to the Florida Keys to collect samples for our collaborative study on coral feeding ecology. We met up with our colleagues, Diego Lirman from RSMAS and Mary Alice Coffroth from SUNY Buffalo, and spent an exhausting but fantastic 10 days in the Keys.

More photos are here

We are using stable isotopes to determine the different feeding strategies of corals in order to understand their possible fate as oceanic waters and coastal area eutrophication increases.
We worked out of the Keys Marine Laboratory in the Middle Keys and collected coral and zooplankton samples on various transects
Coral growth on an artificial reef site made of an old bridge
Many hours were spent filtering water samples, but with a great view of the Gulf!
Mark proudly shows off his
first coral samples
Diego collecting coral fragments
Mark looking busy
Little Grecian sites
All important bucket cleaning duties
Corals feeding with extended polyps