Marine Biogeochemistry

Welcome to Marine Biogeochemistry ....Spring 2009


Class will meet in 122 Jahn at 1.50 - 3.10
starting Jan 2009

General Information

This website will be used to post assignments and updates to the class. As the semester proceeds I will add links that you may need and also a reading list for each topic.

It is your responsibility to check this site for updates.

Look at the syllabus and realize that 25% of your grade is dependant on your participation in the class - meaning being prepared for discussions of topics, doing assignments for classes, and actively being involved in each class.

Course description

Biogeochemical processes in the ocean control the Earth’s climate and the impact of human changes on the global environment. This course will focus on the application of biogeochemistry to a range of issues from global to local scales.  This course will focus on the biogeochemistry of marine ecosystems including coral reefs, near shore, open-ocean, and deep ocean environments.  Topics covered will include sequestration of fossil fuel carbon dioxide in the oceans, the controlling factors of ocean productivity, analytical techniques in biogeochemistry, and the formation and fate of organic carbon in the marine environment.

This course will be open to upper division undergraduate students.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, however a knowledge of basic undergraduate level physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology is desirable. Basic knowledge of calculus will be assumed.


Mark Teece can be reached by email or at 470-4736