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e s f letters

Small Stem Assay Method

Enhanced Blight Resistance in Transgenic American Chestnut

The slides and captions to the right provide a step-by-step overview of the small stem assay method. Mouseover the left or right arrow to pause a slide.

  • Supplies

    1. Gather your supplies including an actively growing culture of Cryphonectria parasitica (the blight fungus). In these videos we used strain EP155.

  • Measuring and Marking Tree

    2. Make two marks with a felt pen 5 mm apart.

  • Slicing Plant

    3. Carefully cut a consistent, vertical wound between the marks.

  • Experiment

    4. Using a #2 cork borer, cut mycelial plug from the leading edge of the fungal colony.

  • Substance Created

    5. Place mycelial side up on pre stretched parafilm.

  • Taping Plant

    6. Press the mycelial plug against the wound making sure it stays in place.

  • Taped Plant

    7. Wrap the parafilm tight to prevent drying of the plug and wait 7 to 21 days for results.