e s f letters
e s f letters

Currently Under Review for Academic Year 2001-2002

Sponsoring Faculty Status Original Proposal Date Next Action
College-Wide Proposals

Approved by COI on 28 February 2002

Proposal for Availability of Course Information on the Internet Approved by Faculty ( 3/21/02 )

Cover memo

Minor in Marketing - amended

Minor in Management Studies - amended

Minor in Entrepreneurship - amended

Approved by Faculty (5/17/02)
Proposal for new Undergraduate Degree in the Faculty of Environmental & Forest Biology

Cover memo

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

To Faculties and Support Units


Individual Faculty members should provide feedback to the Chair of their own Faculty by 7 May 2003

Faculty Chairs should provide feedback to Neil Ringler by 14 May 2002

Faculty of Construction Management &Wood Products Engineering 

Changes in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Construction Management & Engineering Option – First-year

Construction Management & Engineering Option – Transfer

Wood Products Option – First-year

Wood Products Option – Transfer

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )

WPE 343 - Construction Estimating

ERE 543  - Construction Estimating

WPE 453  - Construction Planning and Scheduling

ERE 653  - Construction Planning and Scheduling

WPE 454 – Construction Project Management

ERE 654 – Construction Project Management

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )
Faculty of Paper Science and Engineering

New MPS Degree Areas of Study

Plan sheet pending

Pulp and Paper Technology

Process and Environmental Systems Engineering

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )

Proposal to change names of undergraduate options:

“Science Option” to become “Process Chemistry and Technology”
”Engineering Option” to become “Process Analysis and Design”

 Proposal withdrawn January 2002

Cover memo

Minor in Computer and Information Technology

Approved by Faculty (2/14/02)
Faculty of Environmental Resources & Forest Engineering No proposals

Cover letter

ERE 568 Global Positioning System II

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )
Faculty of Forest and Natural Resources Management

Cover letter for proposals:

New program in Natural Resources Management

Revision of the Forest Resources Management Program

Name Change: FOR 132 Orientation Seminar: Forestry to Freshmen Orientation: Forest and Natural Resources Management.

Approved by Faculty (3/21/02)

Cover memo

FOR 203 - Western Civilization and the Environment

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )
Division of Environmental Science

Cover letter

Proposal for Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Mission and Objectives

Core Courses

Option Courses

Advanced Courses

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )
Faculty of Environmental Studies

Results of Faculty Review

EST 200 - Cultural Ecology and Global Forces in Environmental Decision-Making – renamed Cultural Ecology

Approved by Faculty (11/29/01)

Cover memo

ENS 596 – Special Topics

Approved by Faculty (2/14/02)
Faculty of Landscape Architecture

Cover memo

Fast Track BLA/MS

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )
Faculty of Environmental & Forest Biology

Cover memo

Upper division plan sheet

EFB 202  -- Ecological Monitoring and Biodiversity Assessment

Approved by Faculty ( 4/18/02 )

Cover memo

EFB 527 - Plant Biotechnology

Approved by Faculty (2/14/02)
Faculty of Chemistry

Results of Faculty Review

FCH 210 - Elements of Organic Chemistry

Approved by Faculty with amendments (11/29/01)