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    References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community.

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2012 ESF in the News
References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community. Please note that external links may break as media outlets modify their websites.

Resource Allocation Model (12/5)

(SUNY releases enrollment-based Resource Allocation Model; 11/29/12) DETAILS

Research Competition, Natural Polymers (12/5)

("ESF to host research competition"; 11/27/12) DETAILS

St. Patrick-St. Vincent High Teacher (12/5)

("St. Patrick-St. Vincent High teacher spearheads iPad program"; 11/23/12) DETAILS

Cazenovia College Faculty (12/5)

("Cazenovia College has added three faculty members"; 11/20/12) DETAILS

Alpharetta City Arborist (12/5)

("Meet Alpharetta's City Arborist"; 11/19/12) DETAILS

Environmental Writing (12/5)

("Patrick Lawler advises writers to use humor"; 11/15/12) DETAILS

Forestry, History (12/5)

("Milkcans and Forests: Events that Have Shaped New York's Forests Over the Last 300 Years"; 11/15/12) DETAILS

Student Association (12/5)

("Callaghan: SA members must reach out past Carrier Dome for full ESF representation in assembly"; 11/14/12) DETAILS

SWIFT Project, Hydraulic Fracturing (12/5)

("Testing wells earns goodwill"; 11/13/12) DETAILS

Canandaigua Lake, Kershaw Beach (12/5)

("Kershaw Park beach cleanup finish aimed for December"; 11/8/12) DETAILS

EROI, Peak Oil (12/5)

("Energy Return on Investment", 11/12) DETAILS

Sustainability (12/5)

("Sustainable learning: ESF creates new major to focus on efficient energy management"; 11/12/12) DETAILS

Wind Energy (12/5)

("137: Against the Wind"; 11/16/12) DETAILS

Deconstruction (12/5)

("Photos of the Day"; 11/13/12) DETAILS

Volunteerism, Community Engagement (12/5)


Animal Behavior; Weather (12/5)

("Can Animals Predict the Weather?"; 11/9/12) DETAILS

Society of American Forester Quiz Bowl (12/5)

("At the buzzer: ESF wins Society of American Forester's Quiz Bowl competition"; 11/5/12) DETAILS

Geotextiles, Soils (12/5)

("Engineers study how contaminated soil can be drained, utilized"; 11/1/12) DETAILS

Sustainability (12/5)

("ESF establishes new sustainability office"; 10/31/12) DETAILS

Sustainability (12/5)

("Oil drilling is topic of CCU lecture"; 10/31/12) DETAILS

Water Resources, Oneida County (12/4)

("Officials meet to discuss municipal water for those on wells"; 10/31/12) DETAILS

Sustainable Energy (12/3)

("SUNY ESF launches sustainable energy management degree"; 10/30/12) DETAILS

Sustainability (12/3)

("From the ground up: SUNY-ESF creates Office of Energy and Sustainability to expand efforts"; 10/29/12) DETAILS

Trees, Wind (12/3)

("In Syracuse: Storm's legacy may equate to the count of fallen trees"; 10/28/12) DETAILS

Mushrooms, Fungi (12/3)

("Mushroom magic: Kits let gardeners grow fungi in the kitchen"; 10/27/12) DETAILS

Earthworms, Invasive Species (12/3)

("Out There: Earthworms decimating valley's hemlocks"; 10/27/12) DETAILS

2012 Feinstone Environmental Award, Sustainability (12/3)

("David Crockett - a descendant of the Tennessee frontiersman - speaks on sustainability in Syracuse"; 10/25/12) DETAILS

EROI; Biophysical Economics (12/3)

("4th Annual Biophysical Economics Conference"; 10/26/12)


SmartWatt Energy (12/3)

("SmartWatt Energy Continues to Expand, Adding Staff to their National Grid Small Business Program Office in Syracuse, NY"; 10/25/12) DETAILS

Onondaga Lake Watershed (12/3)

("Community Volunteers and SUNY-ESF Students Plant Shrubs and Trees to Enhance Local Habitat"; 10/24/12) DETAILS

St. Lawrence River, Wetlands (12/3)

("Kids study water levels' impact on St. Lawrence wetlands"; 10/24/12)

Deer (12/3)

("Prime Time for Deer"; 10/24/12) DETAILS

Land Use, Ethics (12/3)

("Spring Land Use, Ethics Symposium in Newcomb"; 10/23/12) DETAILS

Construction Management Students Compete at ASC Regional (11/26)

A team of ESF construction management students traveled to Morristown, NJ, November 9-11 to compete with 12 other teams in the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Northeast Region 1 Construction Management Competition. Team members Cosmo Almeida, Erica Chapman, Danielle Liddle, Kevin Minderlein, Jessica Nicholas, and Shane Velie were accompanied by advisor Kenneth Tiss, Instructor in the Department of Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering. ESF has been an ASC member since 1972 and has participated in the competition for 23 years. DETAILS

Biomass, Biofuel (10/23)

("SUNY College to participate in USDA program for biomass supply chains"; 10/22/12) DETAILS

ASPO-USA Conference, Peak Oil (10/23)

("Featured Debate: Do Energy Limits Require a New Economic Framework?"; 11/30/12) DETAILS

O'Brien & Gere (10/23)

("Kendrick Jaglal has joined O'Brien & Gere"; 10/16/12) DETAILS

Biomass, Biofuel (10/23)

("Running on willows: ESF awarded grant to develop Northeast biofuels industry"; 10/22/12) DETAILS

Biomass, Biofuel (10/23)

("Penn State to Lead $10 Million Biofuel Grant Project"; 10/20/12) DETAILS

Canandaigua Lake, Kershaw Beach (10/23)

("Kershaw Park beach cleanup expected to start next week"; 10/12/12) DETAILS

Fall Foliage (10/23)

("Fleeting Fall Foliage in Central New York"; 10/17/12)


Fall Foliage (10/23)

("Expect spotty Fall colors around U.S."; 10/2/12) DETAILS

Fall Foliage (10/23)

("Leaf Peepers: Expect Spotty Fall Colors Around US"; 10/2/12) DETAILS

Deer, Hunting (10/23)

("Deer hunting for these bow hunters starts with trying to make themselves 'scent free'"; 9/30/12)


Fall Foliage; Anthocyanins (10/23)

("Fall Leaves: 'Ideal Conditions' Seen for Foliage in U.S."; 10/3/12 DETAILS

Syracuse Center of Excellence (10/23)

("Excellence in the great indoors"; 10/9/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut; Biotechnology (10/23)

("Plant science: The chestnut resurrection"; 10/3/12) DETAILS

Climate Change (10/23)

("Student groups call for SU's divestment from fossil fuel companies"; 10/20/12) DETAILS

Syracuse, I-81 (10/23)

("Our Divided Highway"; 10/19/12) DETAILS

NYS DEC (10/23)

("SUNY ESF grad now heads DEC's environmental conservation officers staff for Region 7"; 10/21/12) DETAILS

Biomass; Biofuel (10/23)

("ESF Partners in $10M USDA Biofuels Grant"; 10/19/12) DETAILS

COE in Water (10/23)

("Delhi to benefit from water project"; 10/8/12) DETAILS

Playboy, Partying (10/23)

("Stubborn Stumpies: How pride has affected social culture and partying at SUNY-ESF"; 10/5/12) DETAILS

CNY Biotechnology Accelerator (10/23)

("Regional Councils can't change political patterns"; 10/10/12) DETAILS

Syracuse Center of Excellence (10/23)

("SyracuseCoE partners win $1.9 million in five federal awards"; 10/12/12) DETAILS

Biomass, Biofuel (10/23)

("Getting More From New York's Biomass"; 10/2/12) DETAILS

ESF in the High School (10/2)

("Chittenango High School students spend week without cell phones, computers"; 9/28/12) DETAILS

Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (10/2)

ESF alumnus Jeff Vonk elexted president of Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies. ("Jeff Vonk, Secretary of South Dakota's Department of Game, Fish and Parks, Elected 2012-2013 President of AFWA"; 9/28/12) DETAILS

Natural Heritage Program (10/2)

("Better together: Partnership between SUNY-ESF, New York Natural Heritage program increases work opportunities for students"; 10/1/12) DETAILS

Academic Research Building (10/2)

("SU parking lot to become academic building"; 9/25/12) DETAILS

UV/EB Technology (10/2)


Deer (10/2)

("Deer-collision season opens: Drivers beware"; 9/28/12) DETAILS

White Pine, Forest Harvesting (10/2)

("SUNY-ESF Harvesting Historic White Pine Stand in Newcomb"; 9/27/12) DETAILS

Playboy, Partying (10/2)

("ESF students react to low Playboy Magazine party rating"; 9/28/12) DETAILS

Invasive Species (10/2)

("Questions about invasive species? Ask Syracuse plant expert Donald Leopold in a live Q&A today"; 9/26/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut, Biotechnology (10/2)

("Return of the Chestnut"; 9/18/12) DETAILS

White Pine, Forest Harvesting (10/2)

("The 'tree that built America' harvested"; 9/20/12) DETAILS

Ranger School Centennial (10/2)

("Wanakena Ranger School Centennial Celebration Sept. 28-29"; 9/25/12) DETAILS

Giant Fish, Conservation (9/25)

ESF's Dr. Donald Stewart working with International team of scientists in fishing communities in the Lower Amazon. ("Further efforts to learn more about pirarucu"; 9/24/12) DETAILS

Green Building, LEED (9/25)

("U.S. Green Building Council Constructs a Grreener Future"; 9/24/12) DETAILS

Academic Research Building (9/25)

("College of Environmental Science and Forestry planning major new academic building"; 9/24/12) DETAILS

Louis Marshall (9/25)

("Court Notebook: Talk about hate speech brings together Syracuse judge, national law scholar"; 9/24/12) DETAILS

Invasive Species; Native Plants (9/25)

("New York makes its hit list: Which plants and animals should be banned?"; 9/23/12) DETAILS

Ranger School (9/25)

("Ranger School turns 100"; 9/22/12) DETAILS

Climate Change (9/25)

ESF instructor Dave Eichorn was on panel. ("A Campus Conversation on Climate Change"; 9/21/12) DETAILS

Local Foods, Locavore (9/25)

Story by ESF's Meg Callaghan. ("Local food in Syracuse area can create positive environmental, economic effects"; 9/19/12) DETAILS

Adirondack, High-Speed Internet (9/25)

("Slic connects rural north country"; 9/10/12) DETAILS

Weather, Fall Foliage (9/25)

("Fall Colors Peak Earlier for Some"; 9/14/12) DETAILS

SunRazors, Solar Energy (9/25)

ESF doctoral student Anna Ebers leads SunRazors, a multi-dimensional project designed to provide solar energy to small rural village. ("Interns working to bring solar energy to rural Mexican village"; 9/11/12) DETAILS

Top Universities, Rankings (9/25)

("Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF improve in U.S. News & World Report college rankings"; 9/12/12) DETAILS

Air Quality (9/13)

Story mentions ESF's Huiting Mao's partnering work to develop a prototype air quality management tool. ("U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Funds UAlbany Atmospheric Research Designed to Improve Air Quality, Protect Health"; 9/7/12) DETAILS

NYPIRG, Voter Registration (9/13)

("Public interest group works to solve issues involving students, recruit members"; 9/12/12) DETAILS

Environmental Philosophy (9/13)

ESF's Marianne Patinelli-Dubay mentioned in story. ("Being inspired to dream in Lake Placid"; 9/10/12) DETAILS

ESF Writing Center (9/13)

Upcoming workshop noted in story. ("Preparing for success"; 9/6/12) DETAILS

Phonography (9/13)

Blog entry show alumnus Derek Bryant mounted upcoming exhibit. ("Inevitable exhibit"; 9/11/12) DETAILS

Niagara River, Habitat Restoration (9/10)

("Building a Knowledge Base for River Restoration Efforts"; 9/12) DETAILS

Biodiesel, Recycling (9/10)

("Running on dairy: SUNY-ESF to turn sculpture into biodiesel fuel"; 9/10/12) DETAILS

Oneonta City Manager (9/10)

Story about ESF alumnus Michael Long. ("Oneonta hires first city manager"; 9/7/12) DETAILS

Wilkes University (9/10)

ESF alumnus Margaret M. Pavlac is visiting instructor in chemistry. ("Wilkes University Welcomes New Faculty Members"; 9/6/12) DETAILS

Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, EEE (9/10)

ESF expert Dr. Lawrence Abrahamson in video/story. ("Oswego County preparing to spray against mosquitoes"; 9/6/12) DETAILS

Weather, Fall Foliage (9/10)

ESF expert Dr. Donald Leopold quoted in story. ("Dry spell casts leaf magic"; 9/6/12)

Weather, CNY (9/10)

ESF student noted in story. ("Alaskan winds of change blow to Syracuse"; 9/5/12) DETAILS

Operation Southern Comfort, Habitat for Humanity (9/10)

("New Orleans needs SU, ESF students' help after familiar hurricane destruction"; 9/5/12) DETAILS

Disability Support Services (9/10)

("SU offers services, support for cerebral palsy"; 9/4/12) DETAILS

One World Concert, Dalai Lama (9/10)

("Tickets for Dalai Lama talk, One World Concert to go on sale Friday for SU, SUNY-ESF students, Monday for general public"; 9/6/12) DETAILS

2012 Distinguished Teacher of the Year (9/10)

An ESF alumnus, Dr. Susan Whittemore, wins awards. ("Dr. Susan Whittemore, Leader in Undergraduate Research, Named Distinguished Teacher of the Year by Keene State College"; 9/12) DETAILS

Groveton Mill, Wood Chips (9/10)

ESF's Preston Gilbert mentioned in story on ESF's new patented technology. ("Old Groveton mill could launch a revival"; 9/6/12) DETAILS

Forest Roads Case (9/10)

ESF signs onto amicus brief submitted to a United States Supreme Court appeal. ("SAF Submits Brief to the US Supreme Court in Forest Roads Case"; 9/6/12) DETAILS

Ecological Society of America (9/10)

ESF's Dr. Robin Kimmerer presented at 2012 ESA meeting. ("Ecological Reflections Activities at ESA 2012 Annual Meeting in Portland, OR"; 9/2/12) DETAILS

Vestal High School, ESF in the High School (9/10)

("Vestal students have chance to earn college credit"; 9/2/12) DETAILS

CNY Biotech Accelerator (9/10)

("Biotechnology Center opening pushed back"; 9/4/12) DETAILS

Americorps (9/10)

ESF's Paul Hai quoted in story. ("AmeriCorps lends Newcomb a helping hand"; 9/1/12) DETAILS

EROI, Solar Energy (9/10)

ESF's Dr. Charles Hall and upcoming book are mentioned in a story. ("Argument Over the Value of Solar Focuses on Spain", 9/12) DETAILS

NYS Fair, Community Engagement (9/10)

ESF's Kelly Donaghy quoted in story. ("Using science to make ice cream"; 8/30/12) DETAILS

Weather, Fall Foliage (8/30)

ESF expert Dr. Donald Leopold quoted in story. ("Northeastern trees could be extra colorful this fall"; 8/28/12) DETAILS

Visual Resources, Scenic Landscapes (8/30)

ESF's landscape architecture Professor Emeritus James Palmer to present at upcoming seminar. ("UNL 'Big Idea Seminars' start in September"; 8/25/12) DETAILS

Rain Garden, Salt Tolerance (8/30)

Terry Ettinger talks with ESF graduate student about rain garden. ("Garden Jouneys: Rain Garden at SUNY ESF"; 8/12.) DETAILS

Onondaga Creek, Community Engagement (8/30)

ESF participated in the cleanup. ("Saturday's cleanup of Onondaga Creek"; 8/24/12) DETAILS

No-Mow Zone, Sustainability (8/30)

("The grass is greener: ESF establishes no-mow zones on campus to increase sustainability"; 8/27/12) DETAILS

Bike Lane, Connective Corridor (8/30)

ESF alumnus Steve Morris quoted in story. ("Cyclists, motorists, pedestrians experience new University Avenue"; 8/28/12) DETAILS

Advanced Energy 2012 (8/30)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. , named to Scientific Advisory Committee for AERTC's upcoming Advanced Energy 2012 conference. ("Advanced Energy Center Announces Scientific Advisory Committee for Advanced Energy 2012 Conference"; 8/27/12) DETAILS

Black Bear, Mice (8/30)

Guest essay by ESF's Stacy McNulty. ("Beech Nuts, Mice and Bears"; 8/29/12) DETAILS

Clubs, Sustainability (8/30)

Story by Meg Callaghan, a junior environmental studies major. ("Green, sustainable clubs on campus provide opportunities for both SU and ESF students"; 8/29/12) DETAILS

Rattlesnakes, Poisonous Snakes (8/30)

ESF noted in story. ("Snakebite in garden a real rattler"; 8/21/12) DETAILS

Peak Oil, Biophysical Economics (8/27)

ESF's Dr. Charles Hall presented recent ASPO-USA webinar. ("Commentary: Peak Oil, Declining EROI and the New Energy-Economic Reality"; 8/6/12) DETAILS

Mighty Movers, Goon Squad (8/27)

("Thousands of Syracuse University, ESF students start moving in"; 8/22/12) DETAILS

Cornell Cooperative Extension (8/27)

ESF alumnus David Skeval noted in story. ("David Skeval heads Cooperative Extension"; 8/23/12) DETAILS

Urban Forestry, Natural Regeneration (8/27)

Dave Nowak of the USDA-FS's Northern Research Station on the ESF campus is the study's principal investigator. ("Natural regeneration building urban forests, altering species composition"; 8/22/12) DETAILS

Glacial Lakes, Non-Native Species (8/22)

ESF doctoral student Andrew Brainard shares his research in Tully Town Hall meeting. ('Andrew Brainard's Kettle Lake Study"; 8/12) DETAILS

Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, EEE (8/22)

ESF expert and entomologist, Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson, shown in photo of panel discussion. ("Public health officials: Personal use of bug spray, not aerial spraying, is best weapon against infected mosquitoes"; 8/21/12) DETAILS

Insects, Wasps, Hornets (8/22)

ESF expert and entomologist, Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson, quoted in story. ("Busy wasp, hornet season"; 8/21/12) DETAILS

Combined Heating and Power, CHP (8/22)

ESF's Michael Kelleher presenting on Combined Heating and Power Technologies on 9/12/12. ("SyracuseCoE to Host Forum on Combined Heating and Power Technologies"; 8/12) DETAILS

Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, EEE (8/22)

Scientists from the ESF are lead participants. ("Central New York officials huddle today to tackle mosquito viruses"; 8/21/12) DETAILS

Adirondack Interpretive Center (8/22)

ESF's Paul Hai quoted in story. ("Affording wilderness access: Adirondack Interpretive Center still growing for recreational use"; 8/19/12) DETAILS

Ranger School, Forest Festival (8/22)

Public invited to Forest Festival at Ranger School in September. ("Forest Festival at SUNY ESF"; 8/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut, Biotechnology (8/22)

ESF research noted in story. ("Hopes for Chestnut Revival Growing"; 8/19/12) DETAILS

Huntington Wildlife Forest, Mycology (8/22)

Blog story on ESF's regional campuses. ("Fieldwork in the Adirondacks"; 8/16/12) DETAILS

Weather, Trees, Fall Foliage (8/22)

ESF's Dr. Donald Leopold quoted in story. ("Summer heat takes a toll on trees"; 8/16/12) DETAILS

Algal Bloom, Black Lake (8/22)

ESF monitoring finds toxic blue-green algae. ("Toxic algae prompts health warning in Black Lake; fish and water may be dangerous for consumption"; 8/14/12) DETAILS

Hydraulic Fracturing, New York State (8/22)

Story on ESF alumnus Joseph Martens. ("Martens shifts from environmental advocate to DEC commissioner"; 8/12/12) DETAILS

Black Bear (8/22)

Listen to ESF's Brian Underwood talk to WAMC News about bears. ("Brian Underwood - SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry"; 8/9/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut (8/22)

See a Photo of the Month taken by ESF's William Powell. ("The Photo of the Month, entitled "Peek-a-boo over an American chestnut leaf" was taken by Bill Powell, from SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY on July 2, 2012"). DETAILS

NYS Fair (8/21)

("Students and Staff Invited to Attend NYS Fair on Sept. 3"; 8/12) DETAILS

Dendrology, Tree ID Videos (8/6)

NY Flora Association blog announces addition of 35 new tree vignettes to video collection available on You Tube and iTunes. ("New Tree ID Videos Available from SUNY ESF"; 8/3/12) DETAILS

Destiny USA (8/6)

ESF's Dr. Richard Smardon was interviewed for story. ("Marc Sollinger Reports on Destiny USA"; 2012) DETAILS

Canandaigua Lake, Kershaw Beach (8/6)

ESF's Dr. John Hassett noted in story. ("Officials optimistic that Kershaw beach will re-open by 2013"; 7/31/12) DETAILS

Land Swap, Academic Research Building (8/6)

Cuomo signed a bill into law allowing land swap to facilitate the construction of ESF's new academic research building. ("New York Gov. Cuomo vetoes eight laws, approves dozens this week"; 8/2/12) DETAILS

Ranger School Centennial (8/6)

Story on Ranger School Centennial and new book, The Ranger School: A Century in the Forest. ("Teaching forestry since its first bloom"; 8/2/12) DETAILS

Canandaigua Lake, Kershaw Beach (8/1)

ESF's Dr. John Hassett on the goop that forced closure of beach. ("Kershaw Beach Goop Probably Crankcase Oil"; 7/31/12) DETAILS

Weather, Hart’s-Tongue Fern, Native Species (8/1)

ESF's Donald Leopold and Tom Brumbelow quoted in story. ("One hot summer and its impact on a precious hometown fern"; 7/31/12) DETAILS

Onondaga Lake, Syracuse (8/1)

ESF has long been involved in Onondaga Lake cleanup and reclamation efforts. ("An Onondaga Lake turning point: It's time to clean and reclaim sections of polluted soil"; 7/29/12) DETAILS

Two Row Wampum Treaty, Hudson River (8/1)

ESF Environmental Studies Professor Jack Manno quoted in story. ("Two Row Wampum Trek Down the Hudson. (Onondaga Nation and Allies Prepare for Historic Trek Down the Hudson"; 7/31/12) DETAILS

Ranger School Centennial (7/30)

("Ranger School will kick off centennial celebration"; 7/28/12) DETAILS

Biomass Crop Assistance Program, Willow Biomass (7/27)

("Workshops set on federal program to boost regional willow production"; 7/24/12) DETAILS

Cazenovia Preservation Foundation (7/25)

ESF's Donald J. Leopold shared expertise on hike. ("CPF Woods Come Alive"; 7/25/12) DETAILS

Biomass Crop Assistance Program (7/25)

("Workshops set on federal program to boost regional willow production"; 7/24/12) DETAILS

Climate Change, Flat Earth Five (7/25)

ESF's President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. mentioned in story. ("Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle named one of nation's 'Flat Earth Five' deniers of climate change"; 7/24/12) DETAILS

Syracuse, I-81 (7/25)

ESF's Emanuel Carter quoted in story. ("A City Faces Its 'Berlin Wall': An Interstate Highway";7/24/12) DETAILS

Biomass Crop Assistance Program (7/23)

ESF representative attended farm aid event. ("Cape Vincent farm to host event today"; 7/20/12) DETAILS

Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Education (7/20)

ESF's President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. on climate change. ("Natural Disasters Tell the Story of Climate Change", 7/19/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (7/20)

("Biomass Crop Production Meetings To Be Held Locally"; 7/20/12) DETAILS

Weather, Watering, Native Species (7/19)

ESF expert Donald Leopold quoted in story. ("Another beautiful, but dry, day in the Syracuse forecast "; 7/19/12) DETAILS

Nature of Montezuma Lecture Series, Otter (7/19)

ESF graduate student Elaina K. Burns to speak on river otters. ("River otter lecture set for July 28 at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge"; 7/17/12) DETAILS

Hudson River, Shad (7/17)

("Hudson shad recovery hangs on habitat;" 7/16/12) DETAILS

Therapeutic Garden, Community Engagement (7/17)

Maren King from ESF's Center for Community Design Research quoted in story. ("Cultivating flowers, vegetables and spirits of mentally ill in backyard therapeutic garden"; 7/14/12) DETAILS

Weather, Watering, Mosquitoes (7/16)

ESF experts Lawrence Abrahamson and Terry Ettinger quoted in story. ("CNY's dry weather impacts businesses, residents in both negative and positive ways"; 7/15/12) DETAILS

Bioblitz, Saranac Lake (7/16)

ESF students participated in Bioblitz. ("Bioblitz counts species in Saranac Lake"; 7/17/12) DETAILS

Adirondack Environmental Education Leadership Award (7/13)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., to receive an award that recognizes exceptional leadership in fostering education and experiential learning to advance public understanding about the values and relationships of the Adirondack Park's communities. DETAILS

Gateway Building, Sustainability (7/13)

("SUNY ESF's Gateway Building nears completion"; 7/12/12) DETAILS

Sea Grant Launch Stewards, Invasive Species (7/13)

Two ESF students work to educate boaters about aquatic invasive species. ("Sea Grant Launch Stewards"; 7/12/12) DETAILS

Weather, Watering (7/12)

("Horticulture Expert Gives Landscaping Tips for Dry Weather"; 7/12/12) DETAILS

Central New York Biotech Accelerator (7/12)

("Upstate-ESF biotech center gets new name to reflect it role as biotech business incubator"; 7/11/12) DETAILS

Recycling, Community Engagement (7/10)

ESF was a participating organization. ("Sunnking Electronics Recycling Raises $10,000 To Benefit Camp Good Days & Special Times"; 7/5/12) DETAILS

Honeywell Summer Science Week, Community Engagement (7/10)

ESF is again involved in science camp with faculty including Dr. Neal Abrams. ("Bringing science to life: Honeywell summer science camp kicks off on Onondaga Lake"; 7/9/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (7/10)

ESF mentioned in PA blog. ("Growing Shrub Willow for Fuel"; 7/9/12) DETAILS

Adirondacks, Visitor Study (7/10)

ESF's Professor Emeritus Dr. Chad Dawson quoted in story. ("Study: Adirondack outdoor recreationists are loyal to their favorite spot";; 7/7/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (7/10)

("Project Aims To Put Unproductive Farmland Back To Use"; 7/5/12 DETAILS

Lonesone George; Pinta Island (7/10)

ESF's Dr. James Gibbs is mentioned as collaborator in endangered tortoise research. ("Remembering Lonesome George"; 6/28/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (7/9)

("Project Aims To Put Unproductive Farmland Back To Use"; 7/5/12) DETAILS

Central New York Biotech Accelerator (7/9)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., quoted in story. ("CNY Biotech Accelerator now accepting applicants"; 7/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (7/9)

("Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in Richland on shrub willow as biofuel"; 7/5/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (7/9)

("NY farmers encouraged to grow willow for fuel"; 7/5/12) DETAILS

Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, Plan Bv7 (7/3)

ESF's Dr. John Farrell quoted in story. ("Draft plan to regulate Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River water levels praised, denounced"; 7/3/12) DETAILS

Hydraulic Fracturing, New York State (7/3)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., quoted in story on an ESF alumnus, DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens. ("Hydrofracking issue in New York falls to an environmentalist"; 7/3/12) DETAILS

Waneta Lake, Algal Blooms (7/3)

ESF involved in sample collection. ("Group adds herbicide in Waneta, Lamoka"; 6/12) DETAILS

Weather, Grass (7/3)

ESF's Terry Ettinger consulted for story. ("Syracuse's warm, dry June not causing weather alarms"; 7/2/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (7/3)

("Gillibrand in Mexico Thursday to talk to farmers about growing willows"; 7/2/12) DETAILS

Coyote, Wild Turkey (7/3)

ESF's Dr. Jacqueline Frair is quoted in a story. ("Coyotes respond to turkey calls; their presence in CNY warrants caution/respect"; 7/1/12) DETAILS

Herring; Hudson River (7/3)

ESF's Karen Limburg quoted in story on herring bioassessment. ("Where are the herring? Day out seeks answers"; 6/12) DETAILS

Land Use and Ethics (6/28)

Story on inaugural symposium in Newcomb where ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, J.,r gave closing talk. ("Philosophy: Rethinking Land Use and Ethics in Newcomb"; 6/28/12) DETAILS

North Tonawanda Botanical Gardens (6/28)

ESF alumnus Steve Behrns initiates community involved garden project. ("Teamwork creates nursery at NT Botanical Gardens"; 6/28/12) DETAILS

Center for Native Peoples and the Environment (6/28)

("Application Deadline for Native Earth Summer Camp Is July 2"; 6/26/12) DETAILS

Forensic Technology, Gunshot Residue (6/28)

ESF's Dr. David Johnson quoted in story. ("Funding needed for forensic technology to help fight crime in Syracuse"; 6/19/12) DETAILS

Save Our Sodus, Algal Bloom (6/28)

Story/video on ESF sampling crew finding blue-green algae bloom. ("Waiting For Results on Algae Alert, Sodus"; 6/18/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (6/27)

("SUNY-ESF and ReEnergy Holdings to Collaborate on USDA-Funded Program to Support Willow Plantings"; 6/13/12) DETAILS

Utica Marsh (6/27)

("Our view: Master plan for Utica Marsh is a worthy pursuit"; 6/20/12) DETAILS

Endless Mountains Nature Center's Nature Day Camp (6/27)

Story on camp supervised by ESF alumnus Rebecca Lesko. ("Nature day camp puts children in touch with the environment"; 6/19/12)


Pheasants Forever, Inc. (6/27)

ESF alumnus Jim Inglis named governmental affairs representative. ("Ohio's Inglis Named Pheasants Forever's Government Affairs Representative"; 6/20/12) DETAILS

Anaerobic Digester, Wastewater, Energy (6/27)

("Saranac Brewery Taps SUNY ESF to Go Green"; 6/21/12) DETAILS

Anaerobic Digester, Wastewater, Energy (6/20)

Story/video on another ESF waste-to-energy project. ("How the maker of Saranac beer is turning wastewater into energy"; 6/18/12) DETAILS

French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust (6/20)

ESF alumnus Andrew Pitz is new executive director. ("Andrew 'Andy' Pitz named executive director of French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust"; 6/12) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (6/20)

("$4.3 million to be invested in shrub willow growth for renewable fuel"; 6/14/12) DETAILS

Forester of the Year (6/20)

ESF alumnus receives the New York Society of American Foresters with its Forester of the Year Award. ("Falconer Manager Receives Honor"; 6/17/12) DETAILS

Social Media, Technology (6/20)

ESF students to learn about the use of social media in the nonprofit and science sectors in a workshop with the National Sea Grant Communications Network. ("NYSG Talks Social Media to Cornell and SUNY ESF Students"; 6/11/12) DETAILS

Green Lakes State Park, Meromictic (6/20)

ESF expert Mark Teece in story/video. ("Your Hometown: Green Lakes State Park"; 6/17/12) DETAILS

Biorefinery, Lyons Falls (6/20)

ESF research mentioned in story. ("DANC to aid Lyons Falls mill redevelopment with expertise, loan"; 6/5/12) DETAILS

Tobacco-Free Campus (6/18)

("SUNY board supports tobacco-free campus legislation"; 6/13/12)

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (6/18)

("Willow Biomass, Another Cool Local Project"; 6/13/12) DETAILS

Native Plants, Rare Plants (6/18)

ESF's Dr. Donald Leopold in story/video. ("Cool Gardens: Rare Finds"; 6/13/12). DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Sustainability (6/18)

Coverage of ESF's collaboration with Re-Energy to encourage farmers to grow willow as part of a renewable energy fuel project. ("Oswego County farmers part of willow growing renewable fuel project"; 6/13/12) DETAILS

Boxelder Bugs, Mild Winter (6/13)

ESF entomologists consulted for story/video. ("Your Stories: Boxelder bugs more prevalent this year than last"; 6/12/12) DETAILS

Utica Marsh (6/13)

ESF is collaborating on three-phase master plan for protected wetland area. ("Utica Marsh master plan key in promoting wetlands, officials say"; 6/12/12) DETAILS

Blue-Green Algae, Sodus Bay (6/12)

ESF's Dr. Gregory Boyer quoted in story. ("Sodus Bay a national test area for toxic algae prevention"; 6/9/12) DETAILS

Biophilic Urbanism, Sustainability (6/11)

ESF's Emanuel Carter and students are participating to find new ways of extending green infrastructure. ("Biophilic Urbanism Studio"; 6/12) DETAILS

Emerald Ash Borer (6/7)

ESF's Dr. Melissa Fierke will be speaking at Sullivan Free Library in Chittenango June 12. ("Chittenango Garden Club to Meet"; 6/7/12) DETAILS

Greenscaping (6/6)

ESF involved in greenscaping project with F.X. Matt Brewery. ("Brewery's expansion project kicks off with arrival of anaerobic digesters"; 6/5/12) DETAILS

Pelicans, Oneida Lake (6/5)

ESF's Lewis Grove quoted in story/video. ("Your Stories: Pelicans spotted at Oneida Lake"; 6/4/12) DETAILS

CNY Primitive Skills Group (6/4)

ESF's Sean Cornell contributes his knowledge of the wilderness to outdoor-minded community. ("CNY primitive skills group helps participants get back in touch with nature"; 6/1/12) DETAILS

Shad Restoration Project, Hudson River (6/4)

ESF graduate student Chris Nack's research will help DEC come up with a restoration plan. ("Hudson River Shad: The Floundering Fish"; 5/30/12) DETAILS

Landscape Architect (6/4)

Alumnus Adam K. Woodburn promoted at Barton & Loguidice, P.C. ("Company News"; 6/1/12) DETAILS

Dredging, Onondaga Lake (6/4)

("DEC: $451 Million Cleanup of Onondaga Lake Enters Dredging Phase'"; 5/31/12) DETAILS

Urban Forestry (6/4)

ESF involved in DeWitt tree inventory. ("DeWitt developing urban forestry management plan to determine what kind of trees should be planted and where"; 5/31/12) DETAILS

Adirondack Mountain Club (6/4)

ESF student plays her ukulele at ADK Club event. ("ADK presents 'A Night for Smiling with Elisa McIntosh'"; 5/31/12) DETAILS

Dredging, Onondaga Lake (6/4)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. quoted in story. ("Officials announce plans to dredge contaminated soil from bottom Onondaga Lake"; 6/1/12) DETAILS

Environmental Impact (5/31)

ESF alumnus Michaela Labriole's blog story. ("Waste Less, Learn More"; 5/12) DETAILS

Onondaga Lake, Syracuse (5/31)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. attends event celebrating the beginning of four-year dredging project. ("Onondaga Lake cleanup to meet major milestone"; 5/31/12) DETAILS

Forensic Technology, Gunshot Residue, Inorganic Firearms Discharge Residue (5/31)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. quoted in story. ("Gillibrand Urges Feds to Support SUNY-ESF - Syracuse Police Effort to Fight Gun Violence"; 5/30/12) DETAILS

Community Design, Vision Plan (5/30)

Members of ESF's Center for Community Design Research involved in Oxford vision planning for new comprehensive plan for town/village. ("Oxford's New 'Vision Planning' Calls for Community Participation!"; 5/14/12) DETAILS

Flood Control, Onondaga Creek (5/30)

ESF Professor Emeritus Peter E.Black on Syracuse flood plain. ("Onondaga Creek flood control dam has never been breached"; 5/29/12) DETAILS

Honey Bees, Mosquito Spraying (5/30)

ESF entomologist quoted in story/video. ("Will spraying for mosquitoes harm the declining honey bee population?"; 5/29/12) DETAILS

Higher Education, Economic Engines (5/29)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., quoted in story. ("Colleges bring more than just dollars and cents"; 5/24/12) DETAILS

Invasive Species, Hydrilla (5/29)

ESF Professor Emeritus Robert Werner in video/story. ("Meet the newest threat to CNY waterways, hydrilla plants"; 5/28/12) DETAILS

Mosquitoes, Mosquito Spraying (5/29)

ESF expert Dr. Lawrence Abrahamson quoted in story. ("Home mosquito spraying: The Real Deal"; 5/24/12) DETAILS

Gateway Building, Green Roof (5/29)

("ESF brings the shore of Lake Ontario to a new level"; 5/29/12) DETAILS

Beavers (5/29)

ESF Professor Emeritus Dietland Muller-Schwarze will be field instructor on hike. ("Learn About Beavers"; 5/26/12) DETAILS

Gateway Building, Green Roof (5/29)

("ESF to get $413,000 for 'green' roofs'; 5/24/12) DETAILS

Privacy (5/29)

See ESF's Marianne Patinelli-Dubay's page in the Adirndack Almanack and the many stories like: ("Philosophy: Solitude And The New Age of Privacy"; 5/24/12) DETAILS

Green Roof, Native Plants (5/29)

ESF Dr. Donald Leopold in story/video. ("SUNY ESF to build unique green roof"; 5/24/12) DETAILS

Ornithology, Bird Banding (5/24)

ESF ornithology class visits the Braddock Bay Bird Observatory to see hands-on banding. ("Bander Training Class Successfully Runs the Station"; 5/23/12) DETAILS

Urban Design, Community Engagement (5/23)

ESF Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus George W. Curry continues to contribute his time and expertise. ("It's Your City: New OCL study focuses on enhancing public spaces"; 5/23/12) DETAILS

Sustainable Enterprise Partnership (5/23)

SUNY-ESF is a collaborator in the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership which helps leverage academic, public and private sector resources of Central New York and beyond. ("Sustainable Enterprise Partnership, Carrier celebrate collaboration"; 5/22/12) DETAILS

Dendrology, Adirondacks (5/23)

Blog story about late Professor Emeritus Dr. Edwin H. Ketchledge. ("Family Trees"; 5/12) DETAILS

Onondaga Lake (5/22)

ESF faculty members Neil Ringler, John Hassett and Douglas Daley were part of WCNY TV show "Insight" with update on cleanup of Onondaga Lake. (Insight/112: Onondaga Lake, How Clean is Clean?) DETAILS

Forest Technolocy (5/22)

("Wanakena Ranger School, the longest-operating forestry school in country, to celebrate 100th anniversary "; 5/18/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut (5/22)

Watch ESF Professor Bill Powell on WCNY's Jim Reith Show talking about efforts to save the American chestnut tree. ("Program: Reith; Episode: Reith #102"; 5/15/12) DETAILS

Cherry Valley Beehive Coke Ovens (5/22)

ESF's master's student Marin Braco recently presented her plan to nearly 80 local officials at the Leetonia Community Public Library. ("Village has final plan for Coke Ovens"; 5/21/12) DETAILS

Rubber Loon Race, Fundraising (5/22)

With American made rubber loons, race will support educational programs at the Adirondack Interpretive Center. ("Adirondack center to hold rubber loon race"; 5/22/12) DETAILS

Syracuse Academic of Science Charter School (5/22)

Photo of fifth- and sixth-grade Syracuse Academic of Science Charter School students visiting ESF. ("Elementary students started visiting colleges. First Stop at SUNY ESF & Le Moyne College"; 5/17/12) DETAILS

Onondaga County Agriculture Council (5/22)

ESF's Matthew Potteiger appointed to new Agriculture Council tasked with recommending ways to promote and preserve the county's farming community. ("Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney appoints 28 to agricultural panel"; 5/21/12) DETAILS

Biomass, Adirondacks (5/22)

ESF's Michael Kelleher spoke at the recent meeting of the Adirondack Research Consortium. ("Pellet plant owner: Need to grow the industry"; 5/18/12) DETAILS

Community Engagement (5/22)

Photos/video of Syracuse City School District students and what they learned in ESF collaboration. ("Dr. King Students join with SUNY ESF to try out their green thumbs"; 2012) DETAILS

Birds, Birdfeeders (5/22)

ESF graduate student Lewis Grove quoted in story. ("Where have all the birds gone?"; 5/17/12) DETAILS

Biodiesel Production Program, Sustainability (5/22)

An intern's perspective of the ESF Biodiesel Production Program. ("Practicum Reflection Paper"; 5/6/12) DETAILS

University Hill (5/22)

Read about ESF's strong community engagement in the University Hill Corporation's Report. ("University Hill Corporation"; 5/9/12) DETAILS

Higher Education, Economic Engines (5/22)

ESF's President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. quoted in story. ("Panelists weigh economic impacts of colleges, universities"; 5/17/12) DETAILS

LEED Boot Camp (5/22)

("Students participate in LEED boot camp"; 5/16/12) DETAILS

SmartStart UNYTECH, Full Circle Feed (5/22)

Recent ESF graduate Michael Amadori's new venture would take food waste from institutions, combine it with locally grown grains and make chicken feed. ("Three from Central New York to present at venture capital forum"; 5/16/12) DETAILS

115th Commencement (5/22)

("Photos: SUNY ESF convocation Saturday May 12, 2012 in Syracuse"; 5/12/12) DETAILS

115th Commencement (5/22)

("Aaron Sorkin tells Syracuse University, ESF graduates: 'You ain't seen nothing yet'"; 5/13/12) DETAILS

115th Commencement (5/22)

("Graduation celebrations filled Carrier Dome"; 5/13/12) DETAILS

Veterans, Education (5/22)

ESF student Christine Gentry spoke about the legislation from a veteran's perspective. ("IVMF hosts U.S. Senators Schumer, Gillibrand as they announce bipartisan bills focused on veterans"; 5/15/12) DETAILS

Ranger School Centennial (5/22)

("Ranger School marks its centennial year"; 5/13/12) DETAILS

Wild Turkey, Hunting (5/22)

ESF Professor Emeritus William Porter quoted in story. ("It's awfully quiet at times during this spring's CNY turkey hunting season. What gives?"; 5/11/12) DETAILS

SR Stoddard; Botany (5/22)

Expert Donald Leopold and others from ESF aided in identification of plant species. ("A closer look: Exhibit focuses on flora in Stoddard's photos"; 5/10/12) DETAILS

Volunteering (5/22)

ESF alumnus Barry Nehr paints mural. ("Alum Painting Mural for Wanakena Ranger School"; 5/12/12) DETAILS

Environmental Policy (5/22)

Story on ESF's Patrick Carroll. ("The explorer: Patrick Carroll"; 5/1/12) DETAILS

Ticks, Lyme Disease (5/22)

Story by ESF alumnus Dan Brown. ("Ticks and Lyme Disease"; 5/13/12) DETAILS

Entomology, Butterflies (5/10)

ESF's Dr. Lawrence Abrahamson quoted in story. ("Butterflies Flutter Across the Region in Abundance"; 5/7/12) DETAILS

Climate Change, Lake Ice (5/10)

Additional coverage of Dr. Colin Beier's research. ("Consider this: Shrinking ice cover"; 5/8/12) DETAILS

115th Commencement (5/10)

("Commencement Weekend 2012-SU's 158th and SUNY-ESF's 115th exercises May 13"; 5/7/12) DETAILS

2012 ESF Departmental Scholars (5/10)

The 2012 ESF Departmental Scholars honor will be bestowed during convocation exercises on Saturday, May 12. ("Syracuse University names 2012 University Scholars"; 5/8/12) DETAILS

Environment and Culture (5/7)

See ESF's Marianne Patinelli-Dubay's page in the Adirondack Almanack and the many stories like: ("Adirondack Philosophy: The Landscape of Memory"; 4/25/12) DETAILS

Environmental Policy; Renewable Energy (5/7)

Story on Rhea Jezer, associate adjunct professor of environmental policy at ESF. (Environmentalist Rhea Jezer works to shape the future of energy; 5/5/12) DETAILS

Climate Change, Lake Ice (5/7)

ESF's Dr. Colin Beier says "Lake ice is a better indicator of climate than weather station".. ("NY lake's freezing and thawing shows warming trend"; 5/6/12) DETAILS

STEM; Community Engagement (5/7)

SCSD teacher Gwendolyn Raeford who founded environmental club with ESF to be honored. ("Technology Alliance of Central New York to honor five teachers"; 5/3/12) DETAILS

Entomology, Butterflies (5/7)

ESF expert Dr. Lawrence Abrahamson quoted in story on red admiral butterfly swarms. ("Syracuse hit by swarm of butterflies"; 5/3/12) DETAILS

Great Swamp Conservancy (5/7)

("Tiffany White poised to be Great Swamp Conservancy's new leader"; 5/2/12) DETAILS

Earth Day 2012 (5/7)

("Syracuse celebrates Earth Day 2012"; 4/22/12) DETAILS

Water Quality, Mild Winter (5/3)

ESF expert Dr. John Hassett quoted in story. ("Your Stories: Did the mild winter affect the cleanliness of area waterways?"; 5/1/12) DETAILS

Techstorm, Inventors (5/3)

Researchers from ESF presented project at Techstorm. ("Techstorm connects inventors with entrepreneurs"; 4/18/12) DETAILS

Great Swamp Conservancy (5/1)

ESF alumna Tiffany White hired as director. ("Great Swamp Conservancy leaders hire new director, prepare for Spring Migration Festival"; 4/26/12) DETAILS

Summer Session Offers ESF Courses Online (5/1)

ESF Summer Session offers a variety of excellent online courses, several of which fulfill general education requirements. DETAILS

Cultural Landscape (5/1)

("Cultural Landscape Workshop Set for Lorenzo SHS"; 4/30/12) DETAILS

CNY United Way (5/1)

ESF administrator featured ("Company news: United Way of Central New York announces 2012 board of directors"; 5/1/12) DETAILS

Lower Merion Conservancy (5/1)

Story on ESF alumna Patty Thompson. ("Lower Merion Conservancy announces new Executive Director"; 4/30/12) DETAILS

Ecological Engineering, Environmental Engineer (5/1)

Reflections on a pending graduation ("Environment/Columnist prepares to combine engineering, environment in real world"; 5/1/12) DETAILS

Academic Research; LEED (5/1)

ESF's new building should be LEED platinum. ("ESF/Eco-friendly building to be constructed behind Lawrinson Hall"; 4/30/12) DETAILS

Biomass, Biofuel (5/1)

ESF's Dr. Timothy Volk say yield is the key to making perennial grass and crop-based biomass viable on all fronts. ("Heating the Northeast with Ag"; 4/25/12) DETAILS

Full Circle Pellets; Ecological Engineering (5/1)

Coverage of ESF graduate student Michel Amadori winning second place in the cleantech/sustainability/nanotech/high-tech track of NYS Business Plan Competition. ("SU and SUNY-ESF student entrepreneurs shine in NYS Business Plan Competition"; 4/27/12) DETAILS

Environmental Meteorology; Climate Change (5/1)

Story by ESF instructor Dave Eichorn. ("Get ready for wider swings in Central New York snowfall"; 4/28/12) DETAILS

Lumberjack, Timbersports (5/1)

Story on ESF alumnus Michael Koers. ("Area Man Finding Success As Professional Lumberjack"; 4/29/12) DETAILS

Waste to Value, Sustainability (5/1)

ESF's Drs. Wendong Tao and Sharon Moran direct EPA study. ("EPA Awards More Than $1 Million to College Teams for Innovative Environmental Solutions"; 4/25/12) DETAILS

Cultural Resource Management (5/1)

Workshop to be held in Cazenovia. ("An Introduction to Cultural Landscape Documentation & Preservation") DETAILS

Algal Blooms, Blue-Green Algae (5/1)

ESF's Dr. Gregory Boyer is leader in algal blooms research. ("NY Sea Grant funds Lake Ontario algal bloom research"; 4/25/12) DETAILS

Crows (5/1)

ESF's Dr. Guy Baldassarre on crows. ("Why are thousands of crows moving into Syracuse every night?"; 2/10/12) DETAILS

Peak Oil, EROI (4/24)

Work of ESF's Dr. Charles Hall noted in story. ("Feeling peaky"'; 4/21/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut, Biotechnology (4/24)

("Twenty-year effort to bring back the mighty chestnut tree, nearly wiped out by blight, blooms in Botanical Garden"; 4/20/12)

Cultural Landscape Research (4/24)

ESF expertise will be represented in presentation at Lorenzo House on May 23. ("Upcoming Historical Events Happening Around the Count"; 4/21/12) DETAILS

ESF Honors Society, Community Service (4/24)

Inspired by ESF Honors Society that have been tutoring and mentoring, students picked up trash near the school. ("Our Lady of Pompei students help clean up neighborhood"; 4/20/12) DETAILS

Termites, Energy Efficiency (4/24)

ESF's Dr. Scott Turner quoted in National Geographic story about energy efficiency. ("Eastgate: Energy Efficient, But Greater Savings Possible"; 4/19/12) DETAILS

Great Lakes Research Consortium, Great Lakes Basin (4/20)

ESF's Dr. Greg Boyer quoted in story. ("New York Sea Grant Extension partners with Great Lakes Research Consortium"; 4/18/12) DETAILS

Recycling, Sustainability (4/20)

("New SU/ESF Graduation Gowns"; 4/18/12) DETAILS

Earth Week, NCCF Environmental Grants Program (4/20)

ESF mentioned in story. (NCCF celebrates environmental fund community impact 4/19/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut Biotechnology (4/20)

("ESF professors send new American chestnut trees to New York City"; 4/17/12) DETAILS

Wild Turkey (4/20)

ESF noted in story. ("Wild Turkey Flocks to Washington Heights Fire Escape"; 4/17/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut, Biotechnology (4/20)

("Planting hopes to save chestnut trees"; 4/16/12) DETAILS

Recycling, Sustainability (4/20)

("Elevating environmentally: 2012 SU, SUNY-ESF grads to wear sustainable Commencement gowns"; 4/16/12) DETAILS

Recycling, Sustainability (4/20)

ESF's graduation caps and gown made from recycled plastic bottles. ("Syracuse and SUNY-ESF graduation gowns recyclable"; 4/17/12) DETAILS

Electives (4/20)

("Blank canvas: Art class broadens spectrum for students dabbling in painting, drawing"; 4/18/12) DETAILS

Green Economy (4/20)

ESF's Drs. Karin Limburg and Valerie Luzadis were on panel. ("Final SU Showcase events schedule released"; 4/16/12) DETAILS

Pollen, Allergies (4/20)

ESF's Dr. Colin Beier quoted in story. ("Mild Winter Means Longer Allergy Season"; 4/16/12) DETAILS

Hydraulic Fracturing, Marcellus Shale (4/20)

("Author of book on fracking, Marcellus Shale to speak at ESF"; 4/15/12) DETAILS

DEC, Internships (4/20)

("ESF/Field work: Students get hands-on experience through environmental internships"; 4/16/12) DETAILS

Relay For Life, Fund Raising (4/20)

("Relay For Life event raises more than $148,000 in donations"; 4/16/12) DETAILS

Lake Alice Nature Walk (4/20)

Story about an ESF alumnus, Dr. Kenneth Adams. ("Public walk scheduled for Lake Alice"; 4/14/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut, Biotechnology (4/20)

Drs. William Powell and Charles Maynard in story. ("Iconic Chestnut Trees Poised for Possible Comeback"; 4/13/12) DETAILS

Arborist, Tree Whisperer (4/13)

Story on ESF alumnus Sara Sankowich. ("When it comes to trees, she's empowered"; 4/12/12) DETAILS

Weather, Pollen (4/13)

ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold in story/video. ("Warm weather brings early start to the allergy season, is relief in the forecast?"; 4/11/12) DETAILS

Outdoor Play, Wellness (4/13)

ESF's Dr. Valerie Luzadis quoted in story. ("The Great Outdoors"; 4/11/12) DETAILS

Hidden in Plain Site, Urban Design (4/13)

ESF's Emanuel Carter will be on the panel of discussion for event on 4/21/12. ("Exhibition to feature photographic survey of Syracuse public sculpture, work of artist in residence"; 4/11/12) DETAILS

Prescribed Burning, Forestry (4/13)

ESF expertise in forestry and Ranger School in Wanakena mentioned in story. ("Editorial:Fires show county's burning need"; 4/11/12) DETAILS

Field All-Natural Beef Jerky; Entrepreneurship (4/11)

ESF alumnus Tom Donigan starts company with friends. ("No Junk in the Jerky: Three guys with Syracuse roots team up to create all-natural beef jerky"; 4/11/12) DETAILS

Deputy Comptroller for Retirement (4/11)

ESF alumnus Thomas Nitido named Deputy Comptroller for Retirement. ("DiNapoli Names Thomas Nitido Deputy Comptroller for Retirement"; 4/6/12) DETAILS

Pollen, Allergies (4/11)

ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold quoted in story. ("Mild winter means an earlier start to allergy season in the Syracuse area"; 4/10/12) DETAILS

Termites (4/11)

Coverage of ESF's Dr. J. Scott Turner's research as he leads an international team. ("ESF/Bug bites: Termites inspire invention of robots that allow for harnessing of wind energy"; 4/6/12) DETAILS

Environmental Policy (4/11)

ESF Instructor Dan Maffei quoted in story. ("Gas prices as an election issue"; 4/10/12) DETAILS

Emerging Talk, Entrepreneurship (4/9)

ESF student startups win in the green idea/product/service category at Emerging Talk. ("Student startups win more than $150,000 at Emerging Talk"; 4/5/12) DETAILS

Deer, Ticks (4/9)

ESF's Brian Underwood interviewed for story/video. ("More and more deer showing up in city neighborhoods"; 4/5/12) DETAILS

2012 Environmental Quality Award (4/5)

ESF alumnus Dr. Edward Michalenko wins award. ("Gillibrand Hails Onondaga Environmental Institute President as Environmental Champion"; 3/28/12) DETAILS

Electives, Scuba Diving (4/5)

("Just keep swimming: Scuba class dives into basic training, underwater adventures"; 4/2/12) DETAILS

Native Plants (4/5)

Blog story by ESF alumnus Emily Debolt. ("The Secret Lives of Dioecious Plants") DETAILS

Science, Politics (4/5)

ESF's President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. quoted in story/video. ("Politics and science"; 3/30/12) DETAILS

Service to Saint Leo Award (4/5)

ESF's John View was recognized for service to his alma mater, St. Leo University. DETAILS

Trout, Fly Fishing (4/5)

Story about ESF's library director Steve Weiter. ("Manlius man enjoys Argentina trout fishing get-away"; 4/1/12) DETAILS

Urban Design (4/5)

ESF's Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus George W. Curry is involved in façade grant review for the Connective Corridor. ("Façade Improvement Program Rethinks the City") DETAILS

Great Lakes Research Consortium (4/5)

("Great Lakes Research Consortium Names NY Sea Grant Educator Associate Director - Oswego to Host its First GLRC Conference March 30-31"; 4/2/12) DETAILS

SU Showcase (4/5)

ESF students to participate in SU Showcase. ("SU Showcase events schedule coming together"; 4/3/12) DETAILS

Mosquitoes, Ticks (3/30)

ESF's Dr. Steven Teale quoted in story. ("Warm weather brings mosquito madness to Central New York"; 3/22/12) DETAILS

Bald Eagle, Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge (3/30)

ESF expert Dr. Guy Baldassarre in story/video about bald eagles at Montezuma. ("Warm Weather Impacts Local Wildlife"; 3/29/12) DETAILS

Biomass, Bioenergy (3/30)

ESF's Dr. Timothy Volk quoted in story about Northeast Agricultural Biomass Heating seminar. ("Agricultural biomass heating seminar held in N.Y."; 3/22/12) DETAILS

Early Spring, Climate Change (3/30)

ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold interviewed for Forbes story. ("Early Spring May Signal Darker Climate Changes Ahead"; 3/21/12) DETAILS

Online Privacy, Cyberbullying (3/30)

ESF's Dean of Student Life, Anne Lombard, interviewed for story. ("After Rutgers Spycam Case, Universities Grapple With Privacy Online"; 3/22/12) DETAILS

Early Spring, New England (3/30)

ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold noted in story. ("Summer-like temperatures affecting New England trees"; 3/21/12) DETAILS

Mild Winter, Pollen (3/30)

ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold noted in story. ("Mild winter = 'perfect storm' of pollen"; 3/20/12) DETAILS

Forestry (3/30)

Story on new ESF course offerings. ("Studying on the mountain"; 3/21/12) DETAILS

Meteorology, Radar (3/30)

("Doppler radar on wheels visits SUNY ESF"; 3/27/12) DETAILS

Doppler on Wheels (3/30)

("Tornado tracking truck in Syracuse"; 3/27/12) DETAILS

Mobile Radar, Tornado Tracking (3/30)

("ESF students to see Doppler on Wheels in Syracuse"; 3/26/12) DETAILS

Syracuse Landmarks (3/30)

ESF mentioned as partner in restoration and reopening of old park buildings. ("With a little help, two old Syracuse landmarks get a second chance"; 3/27/12) DETAILS

Roadside Camping, Adirondacks (3/29)

ESF researchers published results of roadside camping study. ("Roadside camping on forest preserve lands in the Adirondack Park: A qualitative exploration of place attachment and resource substitutability"; 2012) DETAILS

Landscape East Inc. (3/29)

ESF alumnus Matt Micciche been promoted at Landscapes East. DETAILS

Community Service, Volunteering (3/29)

ESF students helped with site preparation and tree removal. ("Rahma Forest Garden Campaign Week 5-6 Updates"; 3/26/12) DETAILS

Allergies, Eastern United States (3/29)

ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold quoted in another story about the effects of warm weather. ("Allergies Ahead of Schedule in Eastern United States"; 3/22/12) DETAILS

Early Spring, Pollen (3/21)

ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold quoted in story. ("Achoo! Why Is The Pollen So Bad Right Now?"; 3/19/12) DETAILS

Green Jobs for Youth, Urban Forestry (3/21)

Story featuring ESF alumnus Paulina Mohamed. ("New Van Cortlandt Park summer program, Green Jobs for Youth, will pay teens to work, earn college credits"; 3/20/12) DETAILS

Spring Blossoms (3/21)

Terry Ettinger quoted in story. ("Syracuse bids adieu to the winter that wasn't"; 3/12/12) DETAILS

Operation Southern Comfort; Volunteering (3/21)

("ESF/After the storm: Students contribute to Hurricane Katrina reconstruction"; 3/18/12) DETAILS

Emerging Talk, Entrepreneurship (3/21)

ESF students eligible for seed funding. ("Student entrepreneurs network, inspire and compete for seed funding at Emerging Talk"; 3/15/12) DETAILS

STEM Education (3/21)

ESF's Neal Abrams is speaker for ESM staff development day. ("East Syracuse Minoa teachers take staff development day on the road to science museum"; 3/16/12) DETAILS

President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (3/21)

("Exemplary Community Service Rewarded at SUNY Schools"; 3/15/12) DETAILS

Biofuels Research Laboratory, CoE (3/21)

("Syracuse Center of Excellence still working to fill up two years in"; 3/15/12) DETAILS

ESF/SCSD Environmental Challenge (3/15)

Additional coverage of science fair. ("SCSD students participate in 'Environmental Challenge''"; 3/14/12) DETAILS

ESF/SCSD Environmental Challenge (3/15)

ESF sponsored annual science fair for middle school held at the Dome. ("Hundreds of young Syracuse science fans compete in Carrier Dome"; 3/14/12) DETAILS

Syracuse Student Sandbox (3/15)

ESF is a partner institution in the Syracuse Student Sandbox. ("Sandbox Director Liddy receives White House Award nomination"; 3/14/12) DETAILS

Mosquitoes, Mild Winter (3/15)

ESF's Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson is quoted in story on the mild winter and insects. ("Buggier spring and summer expected"; 3/14/12) DETAILS

Tree Rings, Climate Models (3/15)

ESF researchers were involved in collection of tree-ring records throughout the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river basin. ("Tree rings reveal past water woes for south-eastern US"; 3/15/12) DETAILS

TAPPI Fellow (3/14)

ESF's Dr. Gary M. Scott has been named a 2012 TAPPI Fellow. This is an honorary title given to individuals who have made extraordinary technical or service contributions to the industry and/or the Association. DETAILS

Climate Change, Farming Practices (3/14)

ESF's Dr. Sadie Ryan was part of team doing research on climate change data and farming practices in Africa. ("Change Globally, React Locally: Researchers Find African Farmers Need Better Climate Change Data to Improve Farming Practices"; 3/14/12) DETAILS

Robert V. Riddell State Park, Recreation (3/14)

ESF alumnus Tom Hughes to give talk. ("Hartwick's Pine Lake Hosts Natural Resource Steward Biologist"; 3/9/12) DETAILS

Golden Snowball, Plants (3/14)

ESF's Terry Ettinger quoted in story. ("The Golden Snowball: Bound for Rochester, barring a Flower City swoon"; 3/11/12) DETAILS

Honorable Owen H. Johnson Sportsman/woman of the Year Award (3/14)

ESF Alumnus Timothy Huss win award. ("DEC Captain Timothy Huss Receives Senator Owen Johnson Award"; 3/9/12) DETAILS

SUNY Upstate Medical University (3/9)

Opinion piece by ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. ("Upstate Medical deserves fair coverage"; 3/9/12) DETAILS

2012 SU Commencement Speaker (3/9)

("Award-winning screenwriter, producer, playwright Aaron Sorkin '83 to deliver 2012 Commencement address"; 3/8/12)

Sustainability (3/8)

Story on new funding and program to educate and train students and workers in sustainable materials and manufacturing. ("SUNY ESF to receive funding for sustainable programs"; 2/28/12) DETAILS

Manufacturing Training (3/8)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. quoted in story on new funding and program. ("Gillibrand Announces More Than $1.3 Million for SUNY-ESF for Manufacturing Training"; 2/28/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut, Biotechnology (3/8)

Drs. William Powell and Charles Maynard will speak on the economic and ecological importance of the American chestnut tree at the site where blight was first discovered. ("American Chestnut Trees Return to the New York Botanical Garden") DETAILS

Stream Ecology, Brook Trout (3/8)

Drs. Colin Beier and Martin Dovciak collaborating with Colgate professor to study levels of acidity in Adirondack streams and effects on reproduction of brook trout. ("Picker Institute announces 2102 research awards"; 3/7/12) DETAILS

Sustainability (3/8)

ESF's Dr. Robin Kimmerer will present "Restoration and Reciprocity: Finding Common Ground between Traditional and Scientific Ecological Knowledge" at Humboldt State University March 22. DETAILS

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) (3/7)

ESF alumnus Dr. Russ Lea to manage construction and operations of continental-scale observatory. ("New NEON, Inc. CEO to Take Helm in March") DETAILS

SUNY CNY Regional Showcase (3/6)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. in video. ("SUNY Showcase highlights uniqueness of CNY schools"; 3/5/12) DETAILS

Power of SUNY, Outreach (3/6)

ESF's Rich Beal says community outreach sets his school apart. ("SUNY system offers community outreach effort"; 3/5/12) DETAILS

NY Sea Grant (3/6)

ESF research in story/photo about four decades of research, extension and education efforts. ("Celebrating 40 Years in the Great Lakes New York Coastlines"; Winter 2012 ) DETAILS

Summer Biomass Internship Program (3/6)

("Barclay Encourages Youth to Apply for Summer Work Studying Biomass Energy"; 3/5/12) DETAILS

Northern Forest Institute (3/6)

("ESF/On location: Faculty utilize resources of Adirondacks campus, offer full-semester courses"; 3/4/12) DETAILS

Green Infrastructure (3/6)

Story on alumnus Eric Facteau. ("Seeing Green: Urban Agriculture as Green Infrastructure"; 2/1/12) DETAILS

Ecosystems (3/6)

("Environment/Despite dreary weather, ecosystem in city of Syracuse alive, beautiful"; 1/30/12) DETAILS

Coyote (3/6)

("ESF/On the prowl: SUNY ESF study effects of coyotes on white-tailed deer"; 2/5/12) DETAILS

Electives (3/6)

("Environment /Taking classes outside major brings insight, opportunities for students"; 2/6/12) DETAILS

Beast Feast, Sustainability (3/6)

("Environment/Beast Feast luncheon brings sustainability hunted, raised meat to students"; 2/13/12) DETAILS

Warm Winter (3/6)

Several ESF faculty quoted in story. ("ESF/Out of Season: Warmer winters have positive, negative effects on local animal populations"; 2/26/12)


Peace Corps (3/6)

Story about ESF alumnus Jesse Dubin and the Peace Corps. ("Endowing a Scholarship to Honor the Peace Corps"; 2/23/12) DETAILS

Sustainability (3/6)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. spoke about making a measurable difference in the sustainability of our world. ("ESF President Murphy: 'Moving The Needle'"; 3/1/12) DETAILS

Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture (3/6)

ESF Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus George W. Curry involved in informational seminars focused on the design and development of cities. ("Onondaga Citizens League offers seminars, walking tours to explain basics of urban design"; 2/29/12) DETAILS

Power of SUNY (3/6)

ESF will have display at upcoming showcase. ("Oswego to host SUNY's Central New York Showcase in Syracuse"; 3/2/12) DETAILS

SUNY CNY Regional Showcase (3/6)

("SUNY chancellor coming to Syracuse Monday"; 2/29/12) DETAILS

Bullhead, Mild Winter (3/6)

Vice Provost for Research Neil J. Ringler was consulted for story/video on bullhead. ("Early season for bullhead?"; 3/1/12) DETAILS

Career Fair (3/6)

("SUNY-ESF students jump start their careers"; 2/29/12) DETAILS

Curling (3/6)

("Derek Corbett headed to world junior curling tournament in Sweden"; 3/1/12) DETAILS

Best Value (3/6)

Another local story and video about ESF as a best value college. ("SUNY ESF named a best value college"; 2/23/12) DETAILS

Shades of Green (3/5)

Story and video of "Green" event where ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. was keynote speaker. ("Shades of Green expo touts green living, energy efficiency"; 2/24/12) DETAILS

Internships, Biomass Energy (2/23)

ESF is coordinating program offering eight paid summer internships to college students interested in biomass energy. ("Syracuse institutions offer paid biomass interships"; 2/23/12) DETAILS

Best Value, Princeton Review (2/23)

Local coverage of ESF obtaining "Best Value" status from The Princeton Review. ("SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry named a "Best Value" by Princeton Review"; 2/23/12) DETAILS

Environmentalism, Green Initiatives (2/23)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr,. quoted in story about upcoming event aimed toward showcasing the benefits of promoting and participating in green initiatives. ("Environmentalism plays key role at ESF"; 2/22/12)


Center for European Studies Graduate Summer Research Grants 2012 (2/23)

ESF graduate students are eligible to apply. ("Center for European Studies call for proposals"; 2/22/12) DETAILS

Biorefinery, Lyons Falls (2/22)

ESF research played role in plans for a biorefinery in Lyons Falls redevelopment. ("Lyons Falls mill redevelopment may include Biorefinery "; 2/22/12) DETAILS

Climate Change, Mild Winter (2/22)

Multiple ESF faculty are quoted in story. ("Mild CNY winter has mixed effects on local wildlife and fish"; 2/12/12) DETAILS

Farm Show, Forestry (2/22)

ESF offers help in workshops for farmers and woodlot owners Feb. 23-25. ("27th New York Farm Show Kicks Off Thursday"; 2/18/12) DETAILS

Climate Change, Mild Winter (2/22)

ESF research is mentioned in story on "snowball effect" of mild winter. ("DENTCO Sheds Light on the "Snowball Effect" from a Mild Winter"; 2/16/12) DETAILS

Carpenter Fish Hatchery, Volunteerism (2/22)

("ESF | Net work: SUNY-ESF students volunteer, help run local fish hatchery as part of chemistry class"; 2/20/12) DETAILS

Fisheries, Trout Bums (2/22)

ESF students quoted in story. ("Hatchery help: SUNY ESF students pitch in to keep Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery open"; 2/10/12) DETAILS

Environmental Education (2/22)

ESF students are quoted in story. ("ESF choice college for area students"; 2/19/12) DETAILS

Continuing Education (2/22)

ESF alumni Dan Pauls and Mandy Fritzen continued education locally. ("The Couple Who Studies Together, Stays Together "; 2/14/12 DETAILS

ObjectFX (2/9)

ESF alumnus Darryl Murdock joined the intelligence solutions division of geospatial solutions provider ObjectFX as a senior business development director. ("Darryl Murdock Joins ObjectFX's Government Division"; 2/6/11) DETAILS

Great Apes (2/7)

Story on pioneering study that ESF's Sadie Ryan conducted that illustrates how severely disease threatens the long-term survival of wild gorillas and chimpanzees. ("Researchers examine consequences of non-intervention for infectious disease in African great apes"; 2/6/12) DETAILS

Corporate Influence (2/2)

Recent ESF Environmental Studies graduate Kathryn Maureen Ryan's opinion piece. ("The issue is influence"; 2/12/12) DETAILS

Green Living (2/2)

ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., will be a keynote speaker at the first Shades of Green in Madison County: A Green Living Experience conference to be held Feb. 24. ("Green Living Experience - first of its kind"; 2/1/12) DETAILS

Coyotes (1/31)

ESF graduate student Robin Holevinsk is quoted in story on coyote populations. ("Researching the coyote"; 1/29/12) DETAILS

Papermaking, Habitat for Humanity (1/30)

Story and video featuring ESF's Ray Appleby making paper out of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. ("SUNY's Most Famous Tree"; 1/30/12

Summer Biomass Internship Program (1/30)

ESF is working collaboratively with the Syracuse Center of Excellence and the CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity (CEO) to offer the Summer Biomass Internship Program. DETAILS

Plant Hardiness, Climate Change (1/30)

ESF's Terry Ettinger is quoted in story on zoning and hardiness map for plants. ("In the zone: USDA's new plant hardiness map shows we're getting warmer"; 1/27/12) DETAILS

ESF in the High School (1/27)

Students to learn in the outdoors while earning up to six credits from the SUNY-ESF. ("BOCES science lessons get students out of the classroom, into the field"; 1/25/12) DETAILS

Forest Policy, Sustainability (1/27)

ESF's Dr. Robert W. Malmsheimer quoted in story on recent published study. ("Words from the wise"; 1/25/12) DETAILS

Chemistry, Papermaking (1/27)

ESF alumnus James W. Johnston co-authors book on papermaking chemistry. ("Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Experts Publish Comprehensive Book on Papermaking Chemistry"; 1/25/12) DETAILS

Follett’s Book Store (1/25)

ESF student quoted in Daily Orange story about the Feb. 24 closing of Follett's Book Store. ("Follett's to close, sell all merchandise"; 1/24/11) DETAILS

SUNY 2020, CNY Biotechnology Research Center (1/24)

ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., wants "collaborative proposal for our region." ("Collaboration could help SUNY schools land new grants"; 1/19/12) DETAILS

William Shemin (1/23)

Story on alumnus William Shemin who will receive posthumous military honor. ("Was World War I hero -- an SU grad -- passed over for highest military award because he was Jewish?"; 1/22/12) DETAILS

American Chestnut Foundation Board, Pennsylvania Chapter (1/23)

ESF alumnus Robert Lingenfelter was elected to the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation Board. ("Lingenfelter to join state chapter of American Chestnut Foundation Board"; 1/12/12) DETAILS

WVU College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design (1/23)

ESF alumnus Daniel J. Robison named dean of WVU'S Davis College. ("NC educator named dean of WVU's Davis College"; 1/20/12) DETAILS

Food Safety, Fungicides (1/23)

ESF's Dr. Tsutomu Nakatsugawa in news story and video regarding safety concerns about orange juice imported from Brazil. ("Orange juice: Is it safe to drink?"; 1/12/12) DETAILS

Adirondacks, Big Cats (1/20)

ESF alumnus will speak on big cats 1/29/12 at the Adirondack Museum. ("Museum to Present 'Big Cats of the Adirondacks'"'; 1/19/12) DETAILS

Climate Change, Native Species (1/20)

ESF scientists are available to discuss several aspects of a mild winter in the nation's snowiest large city. ("What Can Mild Winter Do to Environment?"; 1/19/12) DETAILS

SUNY 2020 (1/20)

ESF looking to participate in a new round of state grants aimed at sparking economic growth. ("Three lucky SUNY schools could win $20 million grants"; 1/19/12) DETAILS

Solar Energy, Photovoltaic (1/19)

ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. says that the technology around solar energy has evolved, making it a more cost effective source of energy. ("New York hopes to quadruple solar power usage"; 1/16/12) DETAILS

Precipitation, Snow (1/19)

ESF's Steve Shaw in story and video on slow start to winter and water table levels. ("Lack of snow won't impact water table level"; 1/12/12) DETAILS

Arborist, Tree Whisperer (1/18)

ESF alumna Sara Sankowich is nicknamed the "Tree Whisperer." ("The Tree Whisperer: Unitil arborist ensures that nature, power lines coexist"; 1/15/12) DETAILS

Willow, Biofuel, Alternative Energy (1/13)

ESF research turning willow biomass into fuel is mentioned in story. ("Quiet End: Tax break for ethanol expires; industry can stand on its own"; 1/9/12) DETAILS

Willow, Biofuel, Alternative Energy (1/13)

ESF is a member of the Northeast Sun Grant Partnership and has been a leader in in developing willow biomass and biofuel. ("Willow biofuels program ignites with new boiler"; 1/9/12). DETAILS

Occupy New Hampshire, Activism (1/9)

ESF student Nicole Moore helped build "Elephant in the Room" utilized at New Hampshire gathering. ("BLOG: 'Elephant in the room' is a presence in New Hampshire") DETAILS

Gateway Building (1/9)

Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., ESF president, will discuss the college's Gateway Building, designed to meet LEED Platinum specifications and constructed as a demonstration of ESF's commitment to environmental sustainability. To learn more, visit ("Higher Education Sustainability Group to Discuss SUNY ESF's Gateway Building") DETAILS

Native Plants, Weather (1/4)

ESF's expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold in news video and story about how weather can impact plants. ("Mild weather tricks some plants into thinking spring has sprung"; 1/3/11) DETAILS

Biodiesel, Biofuel, Alternative Energy (1/3)

Story based on site visit of the ESF biodiesel project. ("Run your diesel truck on processed french fry oil"; 12/24/11) DETAILS

Bald Eagle, Onondaga Lake (1/3)

ESF's Guy Baldassarre makes Sean Kirst's quote list from his 2/11/11 story on bald eagles returning to Onondaga Lake. ("Sean Kirst: Words to remember as another year flies by"; 12/29/11) DETAILS

Willow Biomass, Renewable Energy (1/3)

ESF, a leader in willow biomass research, is mentioned in blog story. ("The trend in the willows"; 12/28/11) DETAILS

Lead Contamination, Urban Agriculture (1/3)

ESF's Dr. David Johnson quoted in story about urban gardens and lead in soil. ("Urban agriculture in 2011"; 12/28/11) DETAILS

Charles Lathrop Pack Demonstration Forest (1/3)

Blog story on Camp Pack Forest which takes place at ESF's Charles Lathrop Pack Demonstration Forest. ("Hudson River Miles 240-260: A Great Camp and Its Legacy"; 12/29/11

Centennial Hall, LEED Gold Certification (1/3)

Additional coverage on ESF's Centennial Hall and the USGBC LEED Gold certification. ("SUNY ESF Dormitory with Timber Frame Observation Tower Earns LEED Certification"; 1/2/12) DETAILS

The Circuit Rider, Abraham Lincoln (1/3)

Blog story and photos of ESF famous statue and others like it. ("Another Abe Lincoln on a Horse"; 12/28/11) DETAILS

Water Quality, Phophorous (1/3)

ESF's Dr. Lee Newman was interviewed for a story about a new DEC regulation going into effect Jan. 1 regarding phosphorus in lawn fertilizer. ("New lawn fertilizer law to start on January 1"; 12/28/11) DETAILS

BMRA to Partner with NYS Green Building Conference (1/3)

We're excited that the Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA) will be partnering with the 10th Annual New York State Green Building Conference! The BMRS is a non-profit educational and research organization whose mission is to facilitate building deconstruction and the reuse/recycling of recovered building materials. DETAILS

"App Garden" for NYS GIS Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors (1/3)

As the geospatial industry continues to evolve with location-enabled and place-based information streams, the NYS GIS Conference advisory council is providing sponsors and exhibitors with more opportunities to highlight their geospatial products and services. New for this year are the "App Garden," a designated space on the exhibitor floor to showcase mobile, web-based, and/or desktop applications; the "Technology Petting Zoo," a place where attendees can spend quality time with the latest and greatest hardware, gadgets, and technology; and a "Demo Theater," a time where platinum, gold, and silver sponsors can engage attendees by introducing their products and services to participants. The NYS GIS is May 15-16, 2012 at the Oncenter Complex in Syracuse, NY. DETAILS


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