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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Core Participants Center for the Urban Environment

SUNY ESF Faculty and USDA Forest Service On-Campus Mentors

Name and Interests

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Beal, Richard E.
229 Gateway Center
Bryant, M. Margaret
land planning
333 Marshall Hall
Carter Jr, Emanuel J.
city planning, urban design, rural design, design history and theory
312 Marshall Hall
Daley, Douglas J.
water resources, solid and hazardous waste management, ecological engineering, environmental restoration, phytoremediation, bioremediation, soil and water pollution, solid and hazardous waste management, environmental engineering
420 Baker Laboratory
Diemont, Stewart
systems ecology, ecological engineering, traditional ecological knowledge, Latin America, ecosystem restoration, sustainability analysis, natural wastewater treatment systems and re-use, less-developed countries, agroecology
460 Illick Hall
Dovciak, Martin
Plant Ecology, Forest Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Global Change, Ecosystem Management and Restoration
459 Illick Hall
Fierke, Melissa K.
forest entomology, forest ecology, invasive forest pests, insect-tree interactions, tree defenses
135 Illick Hall
Gibbs, James
herpetology, vertebrate conservation biology, genetics and ecology in birds, reptiles and amphibians, songbirds, giant tortoise, statistics, wildlife population monitoring, galapagos islands, conservation biology, ecological monitoring, population genetics, applied demography, undergraduate conservation education
404 Illick Hall
Hall, Myrna
integrating simulation modeling and geographical information systems for studying interaction between humans and their environments, natural resources management, sustainable development, graphic information visualization, foreign language communication, land use change, modeling, urban ecology, coupled human and natural systems
106 Marshall Hall
Hassett, John P.
environmental chemistry, aquatic chemistry
321 Jahn Laboratory
Hawks, Richard S.
climate change, urban resilience, rural community design and planning,campus design, Landscape architecture education
307 Marshall Hall
Heisler, Gordon M.
urban meteorology
5 Moon Library
Leopold, Donald J.
forest and freshwater wetland ecology, conservation, and restoration, peatland ecology and conservation, local and regional controls of species richness and rarity, dynamics of plant communities as affected by man and environment, management for unique communities and rare species, dendrology, native plants, restoration ecology, rare species conservation
242 Illick Hall
Limburg, Karin E.
riverine fish and estuarine ecology, fisheries ecology, watershed ecology, systems ecology, ecological economics, fisheries and ecosystem science, coupled human-natural systems, biogeochemistry, fisheries ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemical tracers, modeling
249 Illick Hall
Mao, Huiting
environmental chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, air quality, regional to global budgets of trace gases, long range transport, continental export, climate change
121 Jahn Laboratory
Mitchell, Myron J.
biogeochemistry, environmental energetics
421 Baker Laboratory
Morrison, Douglas A.
sociology, psychology, and urban forestry
306 Bray Hall
Mountrakis, Giorgos E.
geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatiotemporal analysis, land cover land use change, climate change, biogeography, coupled human and natural systems
419 Baker Laboratory
Smardon, Richard C.
wetland assessment and management, landscape management policy, public participation and decision-making, sustainable development, eco-tourism, biosphere reserve management
211B Marshall Hall
Sonnenfeld, David A.
sociology of environment and natural resources; comparative environmental politics; development and sustainability; social studies of science and technology; East and Southeast Asia; field, historical and mixed research methods
211B Marshall Hall
Toland, Timothy R.
Applications of green infrastructure in the urban environment, sustainable design, stormwater design, planting design, native plant communities, soils in design
313 Marshall Hall