e s f letters
e s f letters

1911 Society Help Educate the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

1911 Society members receive...

  • an invitation to the annual 1911 Society reception hosted by the ESF president
  • special recognition in our Honor Roll of Donors and other publications
  • exclusive invitations to select ESF events
Society Members

The 1911 Society is a distinctive leadership society for alumni and friends of ESF.


Named for the year of the college’s founding, 1911 Society members have donated at least $1,911 to the ESF Annual Fund in a given year. 1911 Society members’ contributions help to meet the ever-increasing expenses associated with maintaining a state-of-the-art campus, student scholarships and faculty support.  The 1911 Society ensures that ESF can continue to meet its strategic priorities and remain firmly focused on its vision.

Because The 1911 Society focuses on unrestricted gifts, ESF is afforded the freedom to initiate projects where there is a pressing need but no funding, and the flexibility to take advantage of sudden opportunities and respond to unanticipated challenges.

Students Walking by Quad

History of The 1911 Society

The idea for The 1911 Society was developed at the suggestion of Charles Morgan, a valued member of the ESF College Foundation Board of Directors. Mr. Morgan knows that such a society forms a cornerstone of the annual fund, providing dedicated and sustained support to meet future needs.

1911 Society Members

This opportunity to support ESF has brought forth many members of our community who have demonstrated a commitment to the college’s future success:

2015-16 Gold Members

  • Robert F. Bangert
  • Larry R. Leatherman

2015-16 Sustaining Members

  • Lew Allyn
  • Raymond H. Apy '96
  • Aminy Audi
  • Diana '68 & Gerald Bendz
  • Gino P. Biasi '56
  • Scott W. Blakely
  • Bruce '73 & Cindy Bongarten
  • Stephen Breen
  • J. Andrew & Amy Breuer
  • Craig A. Buckhout
  • Stephen Y. L. Chow
  • Daniel P. Cooke '55
  • George W Curry
  • Patrick L. Devlin
  • Bill Dugan
  • Elizabeth & William Elkins
  • Michael Fish & Marion Hancock Fish
  • Stephen M. Fox '07
  • Mortimer B. Fuller
  • Alan M Gordon '74
  • Brenda & Eric '05 Greenfield
  • Michael Kelleher
  • Ronald P Kuracina '79
  • Alan W Larson '60
  • Mark M. Lichtenstein '85
  • Valerie A. Luzadis '97
  • John & Candace Marsellus
  • William H. McAvoy
  • Lowell W McBurney '85
  • Stephen A. Mitchell
  • Charles & Elsbeth Morgan
  • Susan Nelson
  • Christopher Neumann
  • Thomas Nowlan
  • J. Richard Pooler
  • Eric M. Ripley '07
  • Joseph L. Rufo
  • Susan H Sanford
  • Richard C. Saunders '50
  • Herbert Seidel '43
  • Robert L. Smuts '53
  • John A. Thonet '72
  • Paul G Tremont '78
  • William H. Trice '55
  • Robert '84 & Lisa Unsworth
  • Thomas H Wahl '71
  • Chun J Wang
  • Quentin Wheeler