Bioblitz 2004: Beaver Lake Nature Center
kis=ds using microscope flower
From leopard slug to lady's slipper . . .


Students, faculty, and staff (nearly 50 in all) from SUNY/ESF Department of Environmental and Forest Biology, working with the staff of Beaver Lake and interested public, discovered 828 different kinds of plants, animals, and fungi in 24 hours! Braving, at times, thunder, lightning, high winds, drizzling rain, they combed woodland, meadow, bog and pond for creatures great and small.

Here is a look at what they found . . .

TAXON # species
fungi/lichens 65
seed plants 263
aquatic algae 23
ferns & allies 44
mosses 111
aquatic invertebrates 51
terrestrial invertebrates 8
terrestrial insects 141
fish 12
amphibs & reptiles 12
birds 79
mammals 19
pie chart of taxon
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Notes on Results . . .
  • The number of fungi identified (65) probably represents only a fraction of the actual number at Beaver Lake, which could be closer to 2,000 to 3,000 different kinds!
  • Seed plants: botanist Mildred Faust found 522 species of plants in the park in 50 years; Bioblitz 2004 found 263 species in 24 hours
  • most notable fish: bowfin
  • most notable moss find, the sheer number of Sphagnum's--20 species
  • bird discoveries ranged from hummingbird to bald eagle

a man putting a fish into a cooler
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