Anna Stewart

301 Illick Hall



Anna Stewart is a Ph. D. student in ecology at SUNY ESF and Masters of Public Administration (M.P.A.) studentat Syracuse University. Anna is broadly interested in the appliation of ecological research to issues of human development in the tropics. For her doctoral research, she is modeling vulnerability to denque fever in Ecuador as a function of socioeconomic and climatic variables. Her M.P.A. is focused on international development and conflict resolution. In May 2010, she will continue her dissertation research as an Associate Researcher at the Unversidad de Especialidades Espirtu Santo (UEES), at the Centro Internacional para la Investigacion de Fenomeno de El Nino (CIFFEN), and at the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia en Hidrologia (INAMHI) in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Anna conducting a survey while technicians collect mosquito pupae found in the home (Guayaquil, Ecuador)