Elizabeth B. Harper


Research and teaching interests:

Conservation Biology; Population Dynamics; Tropical Ecology; Wetlands Ecology; Herpetology

Current projects:

Land use effects on amphibian populations (LEAP)

Field guide to the amphibians of the Eastern Arc and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya

Population analysis and conservation planning for Fremont
cottonwood stands along the Sacramento River, California

Assessing the sustainability of harvesting endemic chameleons: Integrating land-use and harvesting patterns with species-specific demography

Recent publications

Harper, E.B., Rittenhouse, T.A.G., and Semlitsch, R.D. 2008 Demographic consequences of terrestrial habitat loss for pool-breeding amphibians: predicting extinction risks associated with inadequate buffer zone size. Conservation Biology. 22:1205 - 1215.

Patrick, D. A. , E. B. Harper, M. L. Hunter, Jr., and A. J. K. Calhoun. 2008. Terrestrial habitat selection and strong density-dependent mortality in recently metamorphosed amphibians. Ecology. 89: 2563 - 2574

Rittenhouse, T. A. G., E. B. Harper, L. R. Rehard, and R. D. Semlitsch. (in press) The role of microhabitats in the desiccation and survival of amphibians in recently harvested oak-hickory forest. Copeia

Hocking, D.J., Rittenhouse, T.A.G., Rothermel, B.B., Johnson, J.R., Conner, C.A., Harper, E.B., Semlitsch, R.D. 2008. Breeding and recruitment phenology of amphibians in Missouri oak-hickory forests. American Midland Naturalist. 160:41 60.

Semlitsch, R.D., Conner, C.A. , Hocking, D.J., Rittenhouse, T.A.G., and Harper, E.B. 2008. Effects of timber harvesting on pond-breeding amphibian persistence: testing the evacuation hypothesis. Ecological Applications. 18(2):283 289.

Harper, E. B. 2007. The Population Dynamics and Conservation of Pond-breeding Amphibians. Ph. D. Dissertation. University of Missouri, Columbia , MO.

Harper, E. B., and R.D. Semlitsch. 2007. Terrestrial stage density-dependence in the complex life cycle of two anurans. Oecologia. 153: 879 889.




Post-doctoral Research Fellow

State University of New York
College of Environmental
Sciences and Forestry
Department of Environmental
Forest Biology

208b Marshall Hall
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13084

Phone: (315)-470-4855