Are you interested in a post-doctoral collaboration, or spending time at ESF as a visiting scholar?


I very much enjoy collaborating with post-doctoral associates, and have had several in my lab here at ESF.  Doing a post-doc is one of the most fun things one can do in oneís academic career.  Itís the time of greatest freedom, and often a time of great creativity.


From time to time, I offer funding to post-docs, but in general it is necessary to seek fellowship or other funding.  The National Science Foundation offers post-doctoral fellowships, for example.

     If you have your own source of funding and are interested in collaboration, please donít hesitate to contact me.  Otherwise, if interested, we might be able to work on a proposal together.


If you are interested in spending time at ESF as a visiting scholar, you will very likely have to apply for funding somewhere Ė I can host you, but probably do not have funds to support you.  Nevertheless, ESF is an excellent place to visit if you have interests in interdisciplinary research in the environmental sciences.  We have a broad diversity of scholars and students, and also share common interests with faculty at Syracuse University (across the street from us).