Welcome to Karin Limburg's teaching website

Fall 2011:

Fisheries Science and Management EFB 487/687


Offered in even-numbered years:

Fisheries Science Practicum EFB 488 (note grad students may take this by signing up for independent credit)

I also teach these courses on an irregular basis (watch for announcements):

    EFB 496/796, Watershed Ecology Practicum (generally in the fall)

EFB 797, Grants Writing and Management (grads only)

EFB 797, A Self-Help Course in R (grads only)

EFB 796, Practical Ecological Modelling (grads only)

EFB 496, Watershed Ecology with Focus on the Hudson River

EFB 496/796, Wine Appreciation, from Grapes to Glass

  FIELD COURSE: EFB 500: The Hudson River Watershed ...Source to sink in 8 days!

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