EFB 502 Ecology and Management of Invasive Species



Office: 109 Illick Hall                                                                           

Phone: 470-6753                                                               

E-mail: dparry@esf.edu                                  


OFFICE HOURS:  Monday 9:30-11:30, Thursday 9:30-11:00 or e-mail or talk to me before / after class for appt.


PREREQUISITES: I assume that all students have solid grounding in fundamental ecological and evolutionary principles (i.e., EFB-311, EFB-320 or similar level courses)



Text Book: Invasion Ecology – Lockwood, Hoopes & Marchetti, 2nd Edition (2013)






PROJECT GROUPS 2017  (Find out who is in your group for the Public Awareness Campaign project)


Some Electronic Resources: 

US Federal Government: http://www.invasivespeciesinfo.gov/

USDA Forest Service: http://www.fs.fed.us/invasivespecies/

US Geological Service (Aquatic Vertebrates): http://nas.er.usgs.gov/

NY State: http://www.nyis.info/


Major Topics      


_      Introduction and overview of invasions         

_      Invasive species at the ecosystem level

_      The stepwise process of invasion (transport, establishment, spread)        

_      Community susceptibility / resistance to invasion 

_      Identifying the characteristics of successful invaders

_      The genetics and evolution of invasive species              

_      Hybridization: genetic pollution and insidious invasions

_      Invasions and global change


_      Prevention – minimizing invasions through policy and law

_      Management - controlling established invasives: eradication or mitigation        

_      Biological control – the good….             

_      Biological control – …. the bad, and the ugly

_      Predictive models and Risk Assessment




Quizzes (5 quizzes, approx. every 5 lectures)                                             60%                              

Class Participation                                                                                          5%

In class and take home assignments                                                                       5%  

Project                                                                                                         30%

Total                                                                                                           100%





Attending class is mandatory and I take attendance each day.  Without a college / doctor note, I will not do makeup exams. If you have to miss a class for a legitimate reason, clear it with me.


NOTES: After each class, I will post a PDF outline of the material covered in class to the Lectures web page. These are a study aid and not the full lectures and are not a substitute for attendance and note taking.


PROJECT:  Controlling the proliferation of invasive species requires a greater degree of cooperation and public input than most scientific endeavors.  As such, communication and outreach to the general public is critical.


Your challenge is to develop an educational awareness campaign to inform the public about an invasive species or a suite of species that are important or are likely to become important.  There are several catches to this task.


_      (1) I would like you to choose a problem that is of concern (or soon will be) in New York State (no shortage of issues!!). 

_      (2) You may not use a species or system that you have already conducted research on (i.e., if you are a graduate student working on purple loosestrife, you may not design a campaign around that species).

_      (3) You will be developing your presentation in small teams. I will randomly select the teams to facilitate equal participation.

_      (4) INNOVATION is really important for a good grade.  Campaigns that do something different, that capture the publics attention and imagination are general the ones that work the best.


You have nearly complete freedom to choose the format of your campaign.  It could be a poster, brochure, web site, social media - essentially any type of media that can communicate your message to the general public (no PowerPoint lecture – this is not an effective tool for most audiences!!) although you can use PowerPoint to illustrate how your project satisfies the objectives above.  At the end of the semester, each group will present / demonstrate their campaign and will be both peer-reviewed (by classmates) and evaluated by myself on the effectiveness of the message.  This will give you a unique opportunity to be creative in a communication format where you are most comfortable.



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