Current Teaching Experience:


EFB 625 Plant Biotechnology 3 credits

EFB 899 Thesis Research 1-9 credits

EFB 999 Dissertation Research 1-9 credits



EFB 307 Principles of Genetics 3 credits

Lectures: links given in class


Note: Due to students missing class, you now have to attend class to get the web address of the lecture notes. If you have e a valid excuse for missing and it is confirmed my the counseling office, then you can email me to get the address.

Dr. Powell


EFB 308 Principles of Genetics Laboratory 1 credit

BTC 420 Internship in Biotechnology 3-5 credits

BTC 425 Plant Biotechnology 3 credits

BTC 497 Research Desigh & Professional Development 1 credit

EFB 498 Undergraduate Research Problems 1-3 credits

BTC 498 Undergraduate Research Problems 1-3 credits