Eugene Tssui


Dr Eugene Tssui
Eugene Tssui Architects, Berkeley, California
University of California, Berkeley
Harbin Institute of Technology and Beijing University
Shenzhen, China

Monday, 21 May 2012
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
146 Baker Labs
Syracuse, New York

Tssui house

Tssui house 2


According to researchers around the world, the behavior of humanity is destroying the planet, and our time is running out. Is it possible to change our attitudes, behaviors and values to re-invent and restore the planet?  How can this be done and what does this change look like? 
International architect, author and professor, Eugene Tssui, presents his work in four quick segments; 1) The Ecological State of our Planet  2) The Design Principles of Nature 3) Our Behavioral Change  4) The New Language of Architecture to Restore the Future.
Join us for an eye-opening view of reality and a reach for our surprising future!  How can we re-design ourselves and our built environment to meet the challenges of our times?

Dr. Eugene Tssui is an architect and city/regional planner, author of the ground-breaking Evolutionary Architecture, and 5 other books on nature and architecture. Dr Tssui is an international professor of architecture and ecology, teaching and developing research at Harbin University Institute of Technology and Beijing University, in Shenzhen, China, and at the University of California, Berkeley.   He has design offices in Berkeley, California and Shenzhen, China, and is annually featured on global television programs such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, HIstory Channel, MTV, CNN, Euro Televison, China CCTV and many others.  He is currently in meetings with Harvard University, California Institute of Technology and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, to create a new kind of nature-based, interdisciplinary laboratory, that addresses social, economic, environmental and health issues simultaneously with hopes of solving the current worldwide environmental and health crisis.

For further information, contact:
Professor Scott Turner
Biology Department, SUNY-ESF
315 470 6806