e s f letters
e s f letters


Chemical Code Sheets

In order to simplify the demands on research and instructional staff and students, for the proper labeling of laboratory stock solutions, the College of Environmental Science and Forestry requires the use of Chemical Code Sheets (CCS) in accordance with the applicable federal regulations.

The CCS indicates the code being used, the ingredients in the mixture, and appropriate hazard warning.  The CCS shall be posted in obvious areas where codes are used to label chemical containers.

The CCS are running lists that must be updated as needed.  Simply cross out mixtures no longer in use and add the information about any new coded mixtures.

Your cooperation will add the safety of all persons and reduce the need for more cumbersome labeling procedures to maintain our compliance with federal regulations.

A sample copy of a CCS is attached for your convenience.  If you have any questions contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer x6964.