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APPENDIX EChemical Spill Policy

Employee and Student procedure in the event of a chemical spill or release of toxic or hazardous material into the atmosphere:

  1. Notify others in the area of the spill or release of the potential danger.  Suggest/order evacuation if the circumstances so indicate. Pull the fire alarm if warranted by the seriousness of the situation.
  2. Call ESF University Police at x6666.
  3. Give the following information to the University Police communicator:
  4. your name
  5. your phone number
  6. the nature of the incident
  7. the location of the incident (building, room number, floor, etc.)
  8. the type of substance (if known)
  9. the quantity of substance (estimate)
  10. the hazards (flammable, explosive, toxic - if known)
  11. suggest the safest place to meet the University Police and Chemical Hygiene Officer who will be responding
  12. advise if you feel the Fire Department should be notified
  13. advise if there are any injuries and if an ambulance is needed

DO NOT expose yourself unnecessarily to any unknown substances.

Use caution and remember some toxic substances have no detectable odor.